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The smart way to sustainability

Take action with accurate, transparent and real-time data

Easy and accurateYour sustainability tools and data in one place

Our sustainability platform provides the tools and support you need to decrease your negative environmental impact, risks and costs - all in one place. Get an instant, 360° view of your progress in reducing carbon footprint and operational risks.

Reduce your risks

Keep a close track of your suppliers and easily generate sustainability reports to be fully compliant and transparent with your stakeholders.

Reduce your costs

Keep an eye on your activity data to spot poor resource management at different sites.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Track and monitor your carbon emissions to leave a positive mark on the planet and a good impression on your stakeholders.

Our ecosystemConnecting businesses, empowering societies

Connect to your suppliers and share information with your customers via our Sustainability platform.

Join othersThe numbers are in

Collective effort is the only way forward. Connect to your suppliers and share information with your customers with our Sustainability platform. Together, drive your operations and business networks towards greater sustainability.


average decrease in customer scope 1 and 2 emissions per unit revenue since 2018


increase in forest carbon offsets among our customers since 2018


of ships sailing into Icelandic waters share environmental data through the Klappir ecosystem


average decrease in customers net scope 1 and 2 emissions since 2018


User quotesWhat our customers say

Leading organisations of every size and industry use our platform to achieve their goals and beyond.

I have been a customer of Klappir since 2017. I have used their solid tool across three businesses - in retail, import and IT - and find it one of the most valuable tools that you can find in understanding the environmental impact your business creates from its operations. An added benefit is the savings in cost it creates. Check out Origo's customer success story!
Jón Björnsson, Origo