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Annual Report 2023

Our digital software solutions, services and methodologies enable our customers to support a sustainable future while ensure legal compliance to sustainability law and regulations.

The Full Compliance Platform

We passionately care for the environment and are committed to building software solutions and providing advisory services, together with our partners, that create an ecosystem, enabling organizations, municipalities, and governments to execute transparent and reliable sustainability accounting and reporting in a cost-efficient way

We give our customers the critical ability to continuously follow and improve their sustainable performance.

We provide our customers with solid support and assistance while working with our software enable them to develop and integrate sustainability way of operation into their whole operation.


All documents and proposals that will be submitted to the shareholders' meeting 14th May 2024 can be found here:

Registration of shareholders

Documents (EN)

Annual Report 2023 (EN)
Consolidated Financial Statement 2023 (EN)
Consolidated Sustainability Statement 2023 (EN)

Documents (IS)

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