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8 May 2024 Partners

2030 Builders

We are pleased to welcome 2030 Builders as one of our Klappir Partners. 2030 Builders, focusing on connecting sustainability education and employee engagement to drive business transformation. Based in Denmark, 2030 Builders brings years of work in social responsibility to our collaborative network.

By Klappir

Welcoming 2030 Builders to the Klappir Partner Network

Founded in 2018, 2030 Builders has established itself as a leader in green workforce transformation, by combining behavioural change elements and gamification to make sustainability actionable and embed it into the company's culture.

2030 Builders Approach

2030 Builders specializes in adding sustainability into corporate culture and strategy by:

  • Enhancing green skills to meet the demands of the green economy.
  • Presenting sustainability research in accessible formats.
  • Providing engaging, gamified learning experiences.
  • Building employee confidence and motivation.

Sustainability Capability Framework

This framework helps organizations map and develop their employees’ sustainability knowledge, analyze gaps, and create an upskilling strategy. The framework saves time, attracts new talent, aligns management expectations, and fosters a culture of continuous professional development.

Specializations and Reach

Areas of Specialization: EU Taxonomy, Performance Optimization, Carbon Mitigation.

We are excited to partner with 2030 Builders and look forward to their contributions to our sustainability efforts.

Countries Served:

Europe, Global

Partner Since: 04/01/2024

By Klappir8 May 2024

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