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22 February 2024 Partners


We are pleased to welcome Basico P/S as one of our Klappir Partners. Founded in 2003, Basico has established itself as a key player in business and management consultancy, offering a range of services tailored to support corporate functions. Their expertise spans CFO Services with an emphasis on ESG reporting, as well as Legal Services, Finance IT, and HR & Payroll solutions.

By Klappir

Welcoming Basico P/S to the Klappir Partner Program

Joining the Klappir Partner Program, Basico brings with them over two decades of experience, aligning closely with our mission to enhance sustainability through innovative solutions. Their expertise will be instrumental in integrating Klappir solutions into client operations effectively.

Basico’s approach to business, which emphasizes professionalism and building relationships through direct connections, stands out in their field. Their dedication and sense of responsibility towards their work are qualities that we value highly.

With Basico joining our program, we are not just forming a partnership but are also enhancing our collective ability to make a significant impact on sustainability initiatives. We look forward to working together towards our common goals and creating a positive change.

Specializing in supporting corporate functions, Basico offers comprehensive services across CFO Services, including ESG reporting, Legal Services, Finance IT, and HR & Payroll. Their expertise aligns with Klappir's mission, leveraging over two decades of experience to integrate Klappir solutions seamlessly into client operations.

Reach and Clients: While Basico’s roots are firmly planted in Denmark, their services extend beyond, touching global subsidiaries.

The Distinction: Basico is synonymous with excellence, driven by a unique approach to sales and customer relationships that thrive on genuine connections. Basico's reputation for professionalism, commitment, and responsibility shines through their team of consultants. With a hands-on industry experience and unwavering dedication to professionalism, this is not just Basico's pride but also a promise to every client they serve.

Counties served:

Denmark, and the broader North-European market
Partner since: 18.01.2024

By Klappir22 February 2024

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