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17 May 2024 Partners

Better Green

We are pleased to welcome Better Green as one of our Klappir Partners. Better Green is a consultancy that helps companies prepare climate accounts, carry out life cycle assessments and and make the complexity in eg ESG/CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive) and EUDR (European Deforestation Regulation) understandable and manageable.

By Klappir

Welcoming Better Green to the Klappir Partner Program

Better Green is a consultancy, based in Denmark, with branches in both Aalborg and Virum. Better Green focuses on untangling the complexities of e.g. ESG/CSRD and EUDR (European Deforestation Regulation). The customer base is varied, in types of companies and within many different industries; from large manufacturing companies to smaller trading and service companies.

Better Greens specialists are mostly engineers, but there are also a few others with forestry technical, business and communications backgrounds.

Better Green focuses on honest communication and straightforward advice based on experience and knowledge of what is best for businesses and the planet we all depend on.

The Better Green philosophy

  • Making the complex simple
  • That business, environment and people together, are part of the good solution
  • Making the decisions that are best for the planet the best for business

We look forward to a working partnership with Better Green and welcome the opportunity the partnership brings.

Countries served:


Partner since: 02.04.2024

By Klappir17 May 2024

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