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25 January 2024 Partners


Klappir is excited to announce a strategic partnership with CoolPlanet, a renowned leader in decarbonisation strategies.

By Klappir

Klappir in a strategic partnership with CoolPlanet

The partnership integrates Klappir's digital environmental management proficiency with CoolPlanet's specialised knowledge, broadening our service offerings in the efficient tracking, management, and reporting of environmental and sustainability metrics. This collaboration represents a significant step in simplifying sustainability for complex organisations globally.

CoolPlanet, specializes in simplifying decarbonisation for the world's most complex organisations. The focus is on providing holistic, actionable solutions for reducing carbon emissions across all scopes (1, 2, and 3), enhancing sustainability performance, and aiding compliance with regulatory requirements like the European Union's Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD).

CoolPlanet services extend beyond merely identifying emission sources; it delivers real-time data and analytics, integrates with existing systems, and offers scalable solutions to large organisations. CoolPlanet's approach is data-driven, aiming to improve operational efficiency, reduce energy and resource usage, and ultimately increase the brand value of our clients by demonstrating their commitment to sustainability. Through our bespoke software, CoolPlanetOS, we offer continuous monitoring, optimisation, and educational tools to facilitate an enterprise-level path to Net Zero, aligning the goals from the plant room to the boardroom.

CoolPlanet helps companies understand their energy and emissions data in real time:

  • Organize: Real-time data tracking from all systems

  • Analyze: Monitor all operational layers

  • Socialise: Collaborative reporting across your entire organization

  • Optimize: Optimize operations and processes to ensure peak efficiency

  • Decarbonise: Track progress to Net Zero emissions

Countries served:


Partner since: 25.01.2024

By Klappir25 January 2024

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