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19 March 2024 News

Navigating CSRD & ESRS Compliance - eBook

In coming years more businesses will be required to report and disclose their ESG responsibilities and associated data. To get ready the initial step is to understand the compliance criteria in Europe and how they may impact your company.

By Klappir

Get Your Guide to CSRD and ESRS

To guide you through the compliance challenges we have created an eBook titled "Navigating CSRD and ESRS " serving as your roadmap to help you navigate the intricacies of compliance and future regulations and standards.

Why you should consider this eBook

It's Relevant: With CSRD and ESRS affecting 50,000 companies in Europe in incremental steps from 2025 and onwards, grasping your role and how to manage these changes is crucial.

It's Comprehensive: This eBook leads you through what needs to be reported, how to go about it and the technology that can clarify your tasks.

It's Practical: Learn how utilizing Klappi's Sustainability Platform can turn an amount of compliance work into a manageable task.

Embrace change Embracing CSRD and ESRS compliance goes beyond completing tasks; it presents an opportunity to showcase your company's dedication to sustainability. With our handbook you can streamline your compliance procedures.

Download eBook

Are you prepared to navigate through the compliance landscape? Get your guide "Navigating CSRD & ESRS". Join us in a sustainability journey towards CSRD compliance.

By Klappir19 March 2024

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