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2 November 2023 Partners


We are thrilled to welcome Dizparc as a valuable member of our Partner Program. Our partnership with Dizparc offers you a unique opportunity to explore the world of digital solutions like never before. Countries served: Sweden, Poland, Norway.

By Klappir

Our Partner, Dizparc

Dizparc embodies a commitment to delivering exceptional digital solutions and innovative experiences. Their approach is characterized by tailored solutions and an adventurous spirit, making them the perfect addition to our Partner Program.

  1. Tailored Digital Solutions: Dizparc's commitment revolves around providing the market's sharpest digital solutions. Just as travelers prefer customized layouts and comfortable seats, Dizparc understands the importance of tailoring solutions to meet specific needs, ensuring your clients reach their desired destination.
  2. Creative Adventure: For those who appreciate an adventurous journey, Dizparc's approach allows for the design of the path as you go, embracing the uniqueness of each step. While the seats may not always be comfortable, the ride will undoubtedly be extraordinary.
  3. Local Accessibility: Unlike many others in our industry, Dizparc prioritizes proximity. They serve as your local digital partner, whether you're in Värnamo, Umeå, Halmstad, or Stockholm. This ensures that you and your clients have access to top-notch digital services from experienced consultants right in your backyard.
  4. Partnership and Innovation: Dizparc partners with driven entrepreneurs and their expert teams to unlock new digital opportunities. They believe in building long-term relationships and deeply understanding your business. Their goal is to challenge existing norms and help you secure a future-proof and competitive position in the digital landscape.
  5. Transformation Catalysts: Dizparc takes pride in their role as transformation catalysts, whether it's developing digital solutions, empowering people, or pioneering new approaches. Every success story is a testament to their dedication and commitment.

Why Partner with Dizparc:

  • Proven Expertise: With years of experience in the digital industry, Dizparc has a track record of delivering exceptional results and innovative solutions.
  • Local Presence:Their commitment to being close at hand for small and medium-sized businesses means they can provide local support and services to your clients.
  • Long-term Partnerships: Dizparc believes in building strong and lasting relationships with their partners, ensuring mutual success and growth.
  • Innovative Approach: They're not just another partner – they're your partner in innovation, always striving to challenge the status quo and push the boundaries of what's possible in the digital landscape.

Countries served:

Sweden, Poland, Norway

Trusted partner since: 11/02/2023

By Klappir2 November 2023

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