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2 December 2021 News

The Golf Union of Iceland on its way to sustainability

The Golf Union of Iceland has made an agreement with Klappir to use the sustainability platform for the union's golf clubs. The agreement is part of the implementation of the United Nations Global Goals by the Golf Union of Iceland.

By Lára Sigríður Lýðsdóttir

All of the union's Golf Clubs are invited to take part in the project and thus form the basis for the Golf union's sustainability reporting. The aim of the pilot project is to develop appropriate criteria for golf clubs, which in turn encourage even more professional and measurable work on their part and accelerate the implementation of global goals nationwide. Employees involved in the project will receive appropriate training to work on the project and criteria will be set in consultation with the golf clubs. Eleven clubs have already applied for the project.

The world faces significant challenges for the economy, society and the environment. The plan for the global goals for 2030 is bold and challenging, but at the same time full of opportunities. The Golf Union wants to take an active part in increasing its positive impact on society and reducing its negative environmental impact.

The Icelandic Golf Union's Sustainability Award was presented for the first time at the last golf congress. The Keilir Golf Club from Hafnarfjörður received this recognition, but it has been one of the golf clubs that has been a leader in the field of sustainability in recent decades within the golf movement. The club has always prioritized and demonstrated that sustainability and environmental considerations are paramount in the club's procurement and overall operations.

"The golf movement with its 23 thousand country wide practitioners of all ages can have such a variety of positive social effects. We focus on increasing the education and awareness of golf clubs and members about the importance of public health and the environment. It is also important for municipalities and the government to be aware of the positive effects of golf on prevention, health promotion, exercise and mental health. We want to be exemplary in many areas. The global goals cover all these aspects and professional measurements are a key factor in the implementation and presentation of what we have to offer, "says Hulda Bjarnadóttir, president of the Golf Union of Iceland.

"With powerful tools and better measurements, golf club executives get a better overview of factors that are increasingly important. There is a lot of great work already being done and we want to manage it but also to add emphasis on the subject as there is a strong demand for education and guidance on the matter. Now we have more than just financial information to provide to our staff and members, "says Brynjar Eldon, CEO of the Golf Union of Iceland.

"It is a great pleasure for Klappir to get The Golf Union of Iceland into a growing group of customers. We work to bring different parties together through Klappir Sustainability Platform and assist them in their journey towards sustainability. We place great emphasis on co-operation on the basis of the United Nations' No. 17 global goals (co-operation on goals), but with the close cooperation of all, we will achieve much greater success in our journey towards a sustainable society. It is the social responsibility of all of us to address all aspects of sustainability, in the field of environment, economy and society and to encourage education for the young generation, "says Jón Ágúst Þorsteinsson, CEO of Klappir Green Solutions.

By Lára Sigríður Lýðsdóttir2 December 2021

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