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14 May 2024 Partners


We are pleased to welcome GrowGrounds as one of our Klappir Partners. GrowGrounds, an impact company and ESG consultancy based in Denmark, brings 50 years of experience and coffee industry specific network.

By Klappir

Welcoming GrowGrounds to the Klappir Partner Program

GrowGrounds was founded by specialists in the coffee value chain. The team supports organizations on ESG strategy development, strategic planning, and execution, and has a deep understanding of the coffee sector and supply chain. GrowGrounds is built on a philosophy to grow business by growing nature, and the company also takes lead in the conversion of global commodity farming into carbon capturing agroforestry systems and by doing so, they connect and assist European companies in reducing their scope 3 emissions. Their experience in business development helps them to tackle the complex sustainability topics and making significant decisions about a company's future.

How GrowGrounds work:

Help define your ESG scope and direction:
To gain a clear overview and direction for your ESG efforts with a comprehensive strategy process, including SDG certification, double materiality analysis, and GAP analysis.

Assist in building your foundation:
The aim is to strengthen your ESG structure and governance by preparing climate accounts, mapping impacts, and setting up a robust reporting framework. Additionally, GrowGrounds offer on-ground solutions for companies searching for real-impact on-ground activities focusing on people, nature and climate.

Set up actionables:
Set actionable objectives, policies, and initiatives. Connecting your commitments and reporting with on-ground activities.

GrowGrounds understand the challenges you face and are ready to help you navigate them. They offer non-binding consultations to discuss your unique challenges and opportunities, providing insights tailored to your needs. The company's services range from early stage ESG scoping and strategy assistance to all-inclusive ESG activities on-ground.

Countries Served:


Partner Since: 24/01/2024

By Klappir14 May 2024

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