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12 January 2024 Partners


Gryn offers an advanced carbon reporting platform, focusing on automation of Scope 3 Carbon Reporting within the logistics sector. Its user-friendly interface and AI-driven insights simplify emissions management, ensuring compliance and accurate reporting. By Partnering with Klappir, gryn extends its product offering, further aiding businesses in their sustainability journey.

By Klappir

About gryn

Gryn is a cutting-edge carbon visibility and collaboration platform, specializing in the automation of Scope 3 Carbon Reporting within the logistics sector. Gryns primary focus lies in Scope 3.4 & 3.9, extending to Scope 1 for companies with their own transport vehicles.

Gryns platform provides a comprehensive solution for companies to attain visibility into their logistics emissions, offering a user-friendly carbon analytics dashboard and actionable insights, facilitating the establishment of reduction targets and monitoring progress while providing practical recommendations for minimizing carbon emissions.

Through meticulous data standardization, validation, and consolidation processes, gryn enhances data quality and introduces a data health score for ongoing tracking. The platform also conducts compliance checks, ensuring data adherence to standard regulations and providing an audit trail for corporate reporting. Gryn empowers businesses to navigate and optimize their carbon footprint, contributing to sustainable and environmentally responsible practices in the logistics industry.

The gryn platform offers the following:

  • Automated Scope 3 Carbon Reporting: Effortlessly track and manage your logistics carbon emissions with our intuitive reporting system (Scope 3.4 & 3.9)
  • Reduction Targets & Actions: Set achievable reduction targets and take strategic actions to meet your sustainability goals.
  • Real-time Tracking: Keep a close eye on your progress with our real-time tracking feature, ensuring you stay on top of your carbon reduction efforts.
  • Data Validation and Standardization: Trust the integrity of your data with our advanced validation and standardization tools, ensuring the highest data quality.
  • Compliance Check and Audit Support: Meet industry regulations with ease and simplify your corporate reporting with our compliance check and comprehensive audit suppor.
  • Recommendations: The AI based gryn recommendation engine delivers actionable insights by suggesting greenest options to reduce and avoid carbon emissions.
  • Carbon Analytics: Gain further insights into your carbon emissions, which offer you to target specific hot spots and lanes.

All this and more is available under one solution ensuring that sustainability management is accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Gryn partners with Klappir:

Gryn’s partnership with Klappir underscores the commitment to more comprehensive solutions. This collaboration brings an added layer of depth to Scope 3 emissions management, complemented by Klappir's high-quality solution.

As main benefits:

  • Get more depth into scope 3 emissions while benefiting from Klappir`s high quality solution
  • Easily move Data via API from Klappir to gryn and back.

Teaming up with Klappir opens doors to a more sustainable future in logistics. Join us in our mission to reduce environmental footprints and drive towards a greener, more responsible tomorrow.

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Partner since: 30.11.2023

By Klappir12 January 2024

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