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6 May 2024 News

New Fuel Interface Released

We’re very proud to announce the release of a new and updated Fuel interface on our Platform. The release contains a mixture of new and updated features that are aimed at giving you more insights into your data in a cleaner, simpler manner, leading to deeper understanding and a better overall experience.

By Klappir

New and updated fuel features

Fossil fuel reduction and transition to alternative fuel sources are key components in numerous organizations’ sustainability plans. Many organizations have already taken meaningful steps such as introducing alternative fuel sources in place of gasoline or diesel, or introducing electric vehicles in place of combustion engines in their operations. Being able to measure, analyze and report your organization’s impacts and the success of actions taken is increasingly important.

Here’s what this release holds in store:

  • We’ve boosted Fuel Insights to enable users of the platform to get deeper insights into both mobile and stationary fuel in one place, as well as analyze fuel purchases, which can be broken down into mobile and stationary fuel, as well as by supplier, asset and fuel type.
  • We’ve taken care to keep the interface clean and sleek for a simpler user experience.
  • Our old “Summary” section has been replaced with an Analysis section which provides better insights.
  • Enhanced graph export options allow you to toggle units and customize tables, to present your data the way you like it.
  • Track your assets and transactions in tables and graphs.
  • Fuel Import has also been revitalized and simplified by removing clutter and introducing a new classification system, enabling you to organize your data quickly and efficiently.

We’re excited to keep the enhancements coming and supporting your sustainability success.

By Klappir6 May 2024

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