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9 November 2023 Partners

Norion Consult

Embark on a collaborative journey with NORION Consult, founded by CEO Bjørn Bauer in 1990, initially specializing in environmental consultancy and now leading the way in comprehensive sustainability solutions.

By Klappir

Innovating for a Greener Future

NORION Consult is a team of 21 professionals which operate within a flexible and agile structure, fostering innovation and a commitment to exceeding the expectations of clients and partners alike.

NORION boasts a youthful and enterprising team, ensuring a vibrant and energetic approach to every project. NORION organizational structure enables swift respond to challenges, allowing for innovative ideas, and exceptional results.

In addition to a solid foundation serving Danish ministries, municipalities, and businesses, NORION has earned international acclaim, with a successful track record in over 60 countries. NORION has partnered with prestigious organizations such as Danida, SIDA, EU Delegations, and UN agencies. Moreover, NORION has been a key player in international projects for the European Commission, the European Environment Agency, and the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Contries Served:


Trusted partner since: 02/11/2023

By Klappir9 November 2023

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