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22 April 2021 Success story

Origo, a leading IT service company with a passion for sustainability

Origo is a leading Nordic IT service company that utilizes the ingenuity of its staff to help its customers to enhance their results, success and security. Origo has more than 50 years of experience in developing and operating IT systems and services both in Iceland and Sweden.

By Klappir

Origo has been publicly listed on the stock exchange, currently the OMX Nordic Exchange in Iceland, since 1995.

  • 100 software developers
  • 150 technical specialists
  • 200 consultants
  • Origo is an „IT department“ for 100 companies
  • 30,000 employees receive wages that are calculated in Orgo’s HR and payroll system each month
  • 7,000 e-prescriptions go through system of Origo every day

Why Klappir?

In 2015, Origo established an environmental policy and action plan in environmental matters, in addition to signing the Climate Declaration of the City of Reykjavík and Festa. By signing this declaration it signified that Origo signed a commitment to sustainability.

Waste sorting began in earnest in 2016 and an agreement was reached with Klappir in 2017 for environmental measurements and measurements of Origo’s carbon footprint.

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it! By measuring and quantifying Origos environmental impact with data-driven connections to suppliers, a possibility of reduction of carbon footprint is possible. Origo’s first ESG statement was prepared in collaboration with Klappir in 2019 and has been published ever since.


Last year, the total emissions from Origo's operations accounted for a total of 443.3 tonnes of CO2 (equivalent) down from 570.8 tonnes of CO2 (equivalent) in 2020.

The emissions will be offset with wetland restoration and forestry in equal measure. The company's electricity is 90.7% renewable energy but 9.3% of energy consumption is fossil fuels (petrol/diesel) for cars. The year 2022 is planned to increase the share of vehicles that use green energy sources.


"I have been a customer of Klappir since 2017 and have used their solid tool across three businesses in both retail, import, and IT. I find it to be one of the most valuable tools that you can find to understand the environmental impact your business is creating from its operations. An added benefit is the savings in cost that it generates. The Sustainability Platform is a unique software solution that enables Icelandic society, with joint effort, to achieve measurable success in sustainability. We are facing a major climate challenge and it is crucial that businesses stand together in taking advantage of those unique opportunities present in the Sustainability Platform and work to reduce the environmental impact of the whole value chain. ”

Jón Björnsson, CEO of Origo

Sustainability statements

Sustainability Statement 2021 (IS)


By Klappir22 April 2021

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