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28 March 2024 News

New Premium Features: Food and Packaging Materials

We're happy to announce the latest release of new premium features to our Sustainability Platform, food purchases and packaging materials import.

By Klappir

Broadening the Emission Perspective

The release improves capabilities for importing data on food and packaging materials, enabling users to track and manage emissions in more detail. Please note, these features are only available to our premium plan users.

Food Purchases Import

The Sustainability Platform now supports importing information on food purchases.

The key categories for food items include:

  • Beverages and dairy products
  • Bread, bakery, and cereal products
  • Fresh, frozen, dried fruits, and vegetables
  • Meat, poultry, seafood, and prepared foods
  • Chocolate, sugars, sweeteners, and various confectionery products
  • Edible oils, fats, seasonings, and preservatives

This feature aims to provide users with an overview of their food purchases and the associated emissions.

Packaging Materials Import

In addition to food purchases, the Sustainability Platform now supports the import of data on packaging materials purchases.

The key categories for packaging items include:

  • Tapes and wraps (including masking, nylon, transparent, and specialty tapes; stretch and shrink wraps)
  • Packaging films and materials (including anti-static, bubble wrap, thermoforming materials, and various films)
  • Containers and packaging (including cans, bottles, bags, bins, drums, pails, and packaging papers)
  • Pallets and crates (including wood, plastic, metal pallets, and various crates)

These enhancements are designed to help track and analyze packaging material usage and associated emissions.

We are committed to providing our users with the tools they need to succeed. These new features are part of our ongoing efforts to enhance the Sustainability Platform capabilities and support your sustainability work.

By Klappir28 March 2024

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