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4 October 2022 Webinar

Past event: How to strategize carbon accounting and removal

The purpose of the webinar is to inspire companies to get started on carbon accounting and removal and give them some tools on how to strategically go about it. A short guide on the journey from calculations to offsetting. The aim is to give company’s something hands-on to take back and work on.

By Isabelle Broddén

This webinar aims to help companies get started on their carbon accounting and removal. We will go through calculation and measuring of the carbon footprint and end the session with how to strategically do carbon removal.

Webinar Date: 4th November 2022
Webinar Time: 10.00-11.00 CET

Click here to request access to a replay of the webinar

Carbon removal can be a very daunting process due to lack or misleading information. In our quest to make carbon removal more accessible and to create a comprehensive experience. Klappir and Klimate we have teamed up to create a Webinar that will answer all your questions. Simon Bager, co-founder and Chief Impact Officer at Klimate, will guide you through the basics of carbon removal and give an understanding of why you should compensate for your emissions and what to look for when selecting carbon removal projects. Isabelle Broddén, Growth Specialist at Klappir will guide you on how to begin your calculations until you are ready to do carbon removal. We will cover the topics of how to get the right data, some challenges that have to be addressed and which options there are to do carbon removal.

In this webinar, you will also learn about the importance of being strategic when it comes to your carbon removal and how to make sure that your investments reflect your budget and strategy by securing fixed prices regardless of the supply and demand problem. This webinar is a great opportunity for participants to get access to our expertise and exclusive information as well as answer all your questions that can make your net-zero journey seamless and effortless.

By Isabelle Broddén4 October 2022

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