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Employee Policy

We engage our employees in addressing social and environmental issues that are relevant for the businesses and communities in which we work. We also engage in and encourage open and organized discussions concerning environmental issues among the employees of the companies and organizations we serve. We aim to give our employees the opportunity to increase their skills both in terms of the job itself and in terms of expanding their knowledge of environmental issues in general. During recruitment, Klappir seeks to attract enthusiasts in sustainability, data management, environmental management for software development and marketing/service.

Equal opportunity and diversity

According to Icelandic law, Klappir is not obliged to make an equality plan because the company has fewer than 25 employees. Nevertheless the company has established in accordance with Act no. 10/2008 on Equal Status and Equal Rights of Women and Men, including comparable wages for the same or equally valuable jobs, so that no gender related pay-gaps exist within the company. We strive to hire women as well as men in all positions in the company, and we look for ways to reach out to women IT professionals. Salaries of females and males in the company, in comparable jobs, are equal. At Klappir, we have had employees with reduced working capacity and we will, according to our Human Rights Policy, continue to offer jobs to disabled people.

Health and safety at Klappir

Klappir complies with Icelandic legislation in Act 46/1980 on working conditions, hygiene and safety in the workplace. We have a comprehensive health policy with a health care plan as laid down in the act. Work-related illnesses and injuries are registered, including inflammation, headaches, back injuries or stress-related diseases. The company respects family perspectives and offers support for employees’ family lives. We have written a family policy which will be presented and published in early 2019. Klappir complies with legislation (Law no. 95/2000 on birth and parental leave/vacation), which is incorporated in both the health and family policies.

Anti-Corruption Klappir complies with Icelandic financial legislation (Act 19/1940) and with international standards on bribery and corruption. Klappir has zero tolerance for corrupt activities and has begun incorporating formal policies into the company’s code of conduct related to anti-bribery and anti corruption expectations for company employees and representatives. Furthermore, an evaluation of suppliers will take place in early 2019; a suppliers’ code of conduct will follow in 2019. The company is aware of the importance of responsible and ethical procurement.

Remuneration Klappir’s Remuneration Policy is based on a long-term vision of healthy operation regarding salaries and other payments to employees, members of the board, directors, compliance officers and accountants. The company’s goal is an annual revision of remuneration.

Key activities

  • We invest in the development of talent and offers fair terms to it’s employees along with benefits which improve employees’ well-being and health and strengthen their family life.

  • We encourage knowledge creation and offers employees retraining through the internet or otherwise.

  • We try to have regular meetings with employees to discuss sustainability topics, our products and how we can improve the user experience of our customers.

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