Public Sector

Smart Cities, Municipalities & Surveillance Authorities

Monitor Emissions in Your Region & Ensure Compliance with Regulations

Cities and municipalities use the Klappir solutions to monitor emissions in their areas and share the results on a national and supranational level. The Klappir solutions can also help surveillance authorities monitor the compliance of different industries with environmental regulations within their region.

Using Klappir in the Public Sector

Goals & Action Plans

Set environmental goals and create action plans that decrease your environmental footprint.

Environmental Dashboard

Discover your environmental footprint by tracking use of electricity, car fuel, water, heating, and other information.

Surveillance Dashboard

National surveillance authorities can remotely access, validate, and analyse information recorded and processed with compliance logs to check compliance with regulations. This reduces time and manpower needed for on-location inspections.

Emission Reports

Cities and municipalities can generate emission reports using their operational data. Reports can be shared on a national and supranational level and with voluntary initiatives such as the Covenant of Mayors.


Install GreenScreens in public spaces, such as school buildings, and stream real time data about the energy use of the whole building to engage your audience and spread environmental awareness.

Asset Management

Use the intuitive asset management solution to gain a comprehensive overview of all assets within your municipality, city, or state.

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