Building Contractors & Infrastructure

Smart Environmental Management for the Construction Industry

Use the Klappir Platform to gain a comprehensive overview of your environmental footprint, which then allows you to reduce your energy consumption, increase efficiency and lower operational costs, and minimize your overall environmental impact. 

Set realistic environmental goals and share information about your performance with stakeholders as well as customers to inspire others to action.


Using Klappir in the Construction Industry

Operational Dashboard

Use the operational dashboard to view information streamed into your Klappir Platform system. Track operational data such as use of electricity, car fuel, water, and heating.

Environmental Footprint

View your environmental footprint on the environmental dashboard where all emissions from your operations are shown and categorized.

Goals and Action Plans

Set environmental goals and create action plans that decrease your environmental footprint.

Decrease Operational Expense

Gain an overview of fuel purchases, electricity consumption, and other operational expenses with our intuitive interface, and save time when reviewing invoices.

Share Your Progress

Inspire your customers by sharing both detailed environmental statements and CSR statements using the intuitive Klappir widgets.

Remote Location Tracking

Track the location of your fleet remotely and monitor the voyage log to see where your cars have been.

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