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Minimize Your CO2 Footprint and Address Your Customers' Concerns

As more and more environmentally-conscious consumers call for transparency in retail practices, it becomes vital for the industry to address environmental and social issues. Consumers no longer make decisions based solely on taste, convenience, or prize; they want to know where their products come from, and how they are handled.

Klappir’s smart solutions make it easy to collect and reflect precise real time data about your environmental footprint; waste, packaging, shipping. Set environmental goals to reduce your impact, share your progress to engage consumers and inspire others to action, and strengthen your brand by making transparency a priority focus in your marketing strategy.


Using Klappir in the Retail Industry

Operational Dashboard

Use the operational dashboard to view information streamed into your Core system. View operational data such as use of electricity, car fuel, water, heating, and waste disposal.

Environmental Footprint

View your environmental footprint on the environmental dashboard where all emissions from your operations are shown and categorized.

Goals and Action Plans

Set environmental goals and create action plans that decrease your environmental footprint.

Environmental and CSR Statements

Automatically generate environmental statements and use the sustainability input fields to generate social responsibility reports.

Share Your Progress with Customers

Inspire your customers by sharing detailed environmental data using the Klappir widgets, and strengthen your brand by making transparency a priority focus in your marketing strategy.

Remote Location Tracking

Track the location of your fleet remotely and monitor the voyage to see where your vehicles have been.

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