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Create a solid sustainable infrastructure for your business with our Sustainability Platform and extensions.

Create a strong infrastructure for your business with our Sustainability Platform, an environmental accounting and sustainability reporting solution.

ExtensionSustainable Shipping

Sustainable Shipping, our maritime all-in-one solution for onboard digital log books plus onshore monitoring for compliance.

Sustainable Shipping extension is a cloud-based solution that digitizes on-board registration and compliance, replacing on-board record-books with our digital solutions, which gives you unprecedented operational overview on-shore.

ExtensionSustainable Port

Sustainable Port supports ports & harbours in collecting and processing important compliance data from ships. Designed to simplify the management of mandatory environmental activities in ports and improve data processing reliability and efficiency.

Add-onsSustainable Value Chain

The Sustainable Value Chain add-ons enable the user to collect reliable and transparent data on sustainability of various businesses in their value chain. It provides the user with a sustainability score of each analysed business and overview over the score of the overall portfolio.

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