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PricingChoose your Sustainability Plan

Create a solid sustainable infrastructure for your business with our Sustainability Platform and extensions.

Starter Plan

Starts at


/ mo

Includes up to 5 connected Value Chain Partners and an unlimited number of users.

Intermediate Plan

Starts at


/ mo

Starter + added functionality
Includes up to 15 connected Value Chain Partners and an unlimited number of users.

Professional Plan

Starts at


/ mo

Intermediate + added functionality
Tailored to customer

Features included in each plan:

Press on the plan below; Starter, Intermediate or Professional Plan to view what is included in each plan.

Starter Plan

Starter plan includes:


  • Map your value chain and create your digital ecosystem
  • Connect to and receive data from existing Value Chain Partners
  • Invite suppliers to become Value Chain Partners


  • Automate data collection from Value Chain Partners
  • Import and manage activity data


  • Create and import digital asset twins (entities, buildings, vehicles and other)
  • Create asset groups
  • Map your activity data to assets


  • Build your organisational structure into your solution and unify the sustainability work in the whole organisation


  • Scope 1, 2 and Scope 3, Category 5 (Waste)


  • Dashboards for emissions and activity data
  • Analytical insights for activity data
  • Compare assets, asset groups and time periods


  • KPI Analytical tool


  • Integrated Environmental Reporting


  • Kickstart your Sustainability Journey

Intermediate Plan

The Klappir Intermediate plan includes all Starter items plus:


  • Scope 3, Category 3 (Fuel and energy related activities)
  • Scope 3, Category 4 (Transportation and distribution)
  • Scope 3, Category 6 (Business travel)
  • Scope 3, Category 7 (Employee commute)
  • Scope 3, Category 8 (Upstream leased assets)
  • Scope 3, Category 13 (Downstream leased assets)


  • Create sub-accounts for subsidiaries or operational units
  • Divide the responsibility of data acquisition for different operational units
  • Share sustainability information efficiently throughout your organization


  • Integrated Sustainability Reporting (ESG)

Professional Plan

Professional plus:

Tailored to your requirements and advanced Scope 3 implementation.


  • Scope 3, Category 1 (Goods & services)
  • Scope 3, Category 2 (Capital goods)
  • Scope 3, Category 9 (Downstream transportation)
  • Scope 3, Category 10 (Processing of sold products)
  • Scope 3, Category 11 (Use of sold products)
  • Scope 3, Category 12 (End-of-life treatment of sold products)
  • Scope 3, Category 14 (Franchises)
  • Scope 3, Category 15 (Investments)

Klappir extensions

Klappir has both cross industry extensions and industry specific extensions for the Financial industry, Maritime industry and Ports.

Klappir Supplier Assessment
This extension enables you to evaluate your whole value chain through standardized and customizable ESG questionnaires. Your suppliers get notified, and they answer for free. This helps you get a clear overview of your value chain and identify areas of improvement to mitigate risk from the supplier chain.

Klappir Sustainable Investments
This extension is developed to meet the EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (2021), introducing mandatory disclosures for financial market participants.

Let's figure this out together

Klappir’s goal is to increase understanding of all aspects of sustainability through the continuous development of smart sustainability solutions. Klappir has worked systematically to build a powerful digital infrastructure to monitor sustainability and create tools to simplify data capture and analyzis of sustainability issues.

We are passionate about helping customers make their organizations sustainable by giving them access to accurate real-time data that is easy to work with, analyse and respond to. If you feel like you need more information before making a decision on which plan you choose please contact us and we will get back to you.

Customer support

Whether you're onboarding your team or need assistance from our sustainability specialists, our customer success program helps you set goals and improve your sustainability performance

Onboarding Services

We make sure you make a successful start

Klappir onboarding services are here to support you in making a successful start. We help you to build the solution according to your needs and expectations. Together, we will construct a customized onboarding plan designed to help you reach your most important goals, faster. Klappir experts will design the onboarding plan for you based on:

  • The company's highest priority sustainability goals
  • The size and complexity of your organization
  • The size of your company's value chain
  • The Klappir products you purchased

Specialist services

Assistance tailored to your specific needs

Our specialist services are designed to help you with a wide variety of sustainability challenges, including creating Policy & action plans, Reporting & disclosure, Data analyses and Value chain analyses.

General services

customer support

We are with you every step of the way

Our service team is available to assist you in any way should you have any questions or require assistance.