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Sustainability Policy

We aim to create long-term value for our communities, customers, employees, partners and shareholders. We manage our business by integrating environmental, social, governance (ESG) and economic considerations into our operations, products and services.

As a technology company with a relatively small operational footprint, our most significant impact comes from our products and services we provide. Our focus is on developing new software products and services, spreading new ideas and leading collaborative efforts with our customers, businesses, universities and civil partners to develop a sustainable future. We invite different businesses, NGOs, municipalities and governmental authorities to our open sustainability platform where they can provide their services.

Our operational strategy

We want to grow our business in a sustainable way and decouple our growth from our environmental impact. This is one of the main reasons we are expanding our business through an international network of strategic regional offices and global-industrial partners.

Our product strategy

Our product strategy is to develop software solutions, services and methodologies which enable our customers to build a sustainable future by ensuring legal compliance, increased energy efficiency and minimal waste of resources.

Our people strategy

See Klappir “Employee Policy

We engage with our stakeholders to drive our sustainability effort onwards

Klappir complies with all relevant rules and regulations;

As a listed company, we communicate with our shareholders and other stakeholders in an open and honest manner regarding the operation. We provide investors, analysts and other stakeholders with timely and accurate information.

Our environmental impact

Our sustainability experts discuss climate-related issues and help our customers to identify and determine the most sustainable solutions and paths to explore in relation to the development and implementation of new products. We strive to develop infrastructure which will be resilient to physical risks posed by climate change, legal risks presented by stricter new legislation and regulation on climate related issues and market or reputational risks resulting from the transition to a low-carbon economy.

Our social impact

Our main impact is based on our state-of-the-art software solutions, our services and our unique methodology, which together connect businesses, regions and authorities in a system similar to a single unified eco-system. No one can solve sustainability challenges alone. Therefore we are proud of connecting people, their businesses and authorities into a single force, focused on improving their sustainability and our community through reliable data provided by our software.

  • We contribute to local communities and NGOs and helps fuel their work. Our NGO activity is focused on supporting Iceland´s Climate Action Plan.

  • Klappir is a member of Festa, the Icelandic Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility. It is a membership-based not-for-profit association which allows any organization in Iceland to become a member. We signed the Festa and the City of Reykjavík declaration committing 104 Icelandic companies to the objectives of the Paris Agreement.

  • We support Landvernd in their initiative to improve children’s understanding of sustainability.

  • We work with Kolviður to enlarge their customer network through our platform. They are now able to sell tree-planting directly to our customers through our platform.

  • We work with Votlendissjóður (e. wetland recovery fund) and are one of the founding members.

  • We were one of the proud founders of HAFIÐ – The Icelandic Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Use and Conservation of the Ocean.

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