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Sustainable Ports

PortMaster supports ports & harbours in collecting and processing important compliance data on ships.

Port data collection and processing

PortMaster acts as a platform for ports to obtain a comprehensive overview of MARPOL Annex I-VI data from ships arriving at port, distribute the information to the relevant organizations and use it as a driver for improvements.

PortMaster is a set of software solutions designed to simplify the management of mandatory environmental activities in ports and improve data processing reliability and efficiency. The solution consists of data collection, handling, and publishing of electronic receipts.

PortMaster modules

PortMaster supports ports and harbours in collecting and processing important compliance data from ships. This involves various people in various sites, thus the PortMaster has specific modules for each role.

Ship agent
to help ship agents simplify their process of ordering the service a ship needs when arriving in port.

Service provider
to simplify the communication between the agent, the service provider and the ship. The service provider can generate receipts, such as garbage receipts, within the PortMaster and automatically deliver them to the ship.

Environmental agency
to simplify the processing of data for the Environmental Agency