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Our Green Partners

Klappir believes in collaboration when it comes to climate matters. We are involved in projects both global and local.

Origo _Timian


Timian is a software solution for companies to perform all their purchases electronically in one interface. The main goal of Timian is to help companies gain better control over the procurement and use of inputs in an electronic and environmentally friendly way. If carbon footprint information is available, carbon footprint of purchases and meals is also calculated. Timian, therefore, helps companies to work towards Global Goal 12 (UNGC), which deals with less waste in purchasing and recycling inputs.

Timian is an Origo software solutions. Origo offers a range of solutions for banks, human resources departments, the tourism industry, the energy sector and healthcare institutions.

Kolviður – the Iceland Carbon Fund

The Iceland Carbon Fund (ICF) offers carbon offsets through tree planting. The ICF was founded in 2007 by the Icelandic Forestry Association and the Icelandic Environment Association, but the ICF has its own independent board.

The concept of the ICF is based on sequestering carbon from the atmosphere through tree planting, as trees sequester carbon and release oxygen. Planting under the banner of the ICF is done in Iceland, in designated areas under a long-term contract with the ICF and carried out by local forestry associations or other contractors. The sequestration values used by the ICF are derived in collaboration with the Iceland Forest Service Research Station Mógilsá, based on research on sequestration in Iceland. The work is audited by KPMG Iceland and the planting sites are reviewed by the Iceland Forest Service Research Station Mógilsá.

Klimate illuststration


Klimate sources, analyses and finances carbon removal projects from all over the world to support and scale the best solutions. Klimate’s portfolios include various carbon removal methods, from planting trees in a forest to more complex Direct Air Capture projects, all valid and in line with international practices that are recognized by Icelandic and international authorities.