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25 September 2023 Partners


BITEQ is a respected partner within our program, specializing in data solutions. Committed to delivering high-quality services, BITEQ distinguishes itself as a reliable business partner with a strong emphasis on trust-based customer relationships. Countries served: Denmark, Sweden.

By Klappir

Briefly about BITEQ

BITEQ delivers flexible, scalable data solutions that support a sustainable future.

BITEQ, a renowned leader in the field of data solutions, is a valued member of our partner program. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, BITEQ is dedicated to represent top-tier data solutions that set new industry benchmarks. As our trusted business partner, they prioritize building enduring customer relationships based on a foundation of mutual trust.

BITEQ distinguishes itself through its sense of responsibility, consistently going above and beyond the typical expectations of a business partner. BITEQ's customer solutions are known for their intelligence, relevance, flexibility, and competitive pricing.

A significant development in BITEQ's journey occurred on October 1, 2021, when they joined forces with the Pedab Group. This strategic move has expanded their presence and offerings to encompass a wider geographic area, including operations in the Nordic countries, the Baltics, and France. We are delighted to have BITEQ as an integral part of our partner network, contributing their expertise and dedication to the success of our collaborative endeavours.

Countries served:

Denmark, Sweden

Trusted partner since: 25/09/2023

By Klappir25 September 2023

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