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24 May 2024 Partners


We are pleased to welcome Combine as one of our Klappir Partners. Combine is a data consultancy who help companies master their sustainability data.

By Klappir

Empowering sustainability management with strategic data solutions

With a strategic approach to data, data flows, and data transparency, Combine helps companies work smart with sustainability data through development and implementation of digital platforms that ensure efficient and automatic managing of sustainability data and documentation. They do this with a strong focus on business development and adaptability, and with comprehensive insight into the movements in the value chain driven by the sustainability agenda.

Combines areas of expertise include:

  • Master data management
  • Automation of data flows
  • Management of sustainability data on a product level (DPP)
  • Automation of tasks and processes
  • Integrations and architecture
  • Platform implementation
  • Data transparency and distribution

Digitalization based on insight
Combine has an insight-based approach to digitalization. They insist that insight into business and the market should qualify decisions when implementing technology, and that data and digital coherence are crucial elements in succeeding with digital development.

Looking ahead
Combine's expertise will be invaluable in helping businesses achieve more streamlined and effective operational strategies, and now with Klappir including sustainability management.

We look forward to a great partnership and the inspiring developments it will bring to our clients and the broader market.

Countries served:


Partner since: 15/03/2024

By Klappir24 May 2024

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