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5 March 2024

VECTRA International

We are pleased to welcome VECTRA International as one of our Klappir Partners. VECTRA International, a premier responsible business consultancy based in Belgium, brings 19 years of work in social responsibility to our collaborative network.

22 February 2024


We are pleased to welcome Basico P/S as one of our Klappir Partners. Founded in 2003, Basico has established itself as a key player in business and management consultancy, offering a range of services tailored to support corporate functions. Their expertise spans CFO Services with an emphasis on ESG reporting, as well as Legal Services, Finance IT, and HR & Payroll solutions.

14 February 2024


Magnetize, established in 2019, is a pioneering communications firm specializing in transforming sustainability into a competitive edge for B2B companies.

25 January 2024


Klappir is excited to announce a strategic partnership with CoolPlanet, a renowned leader in decarbonisation strategies.

12 January 2024


Gryn offers an advanced carbon reporting platform, focusing on automation of Scope 3 Carbon Reporting within the logistics sector. Its user-friendly interface and AI-driven insights simplify emissions management, ensuring compliance and accurate reporting. By Partnering with Klappir, gryn extends its product offering, further aiding businesses in their sustainability journey.

9 November 2023

Norion Consult

Embark on a collaborative journey with NORION Consult, founded by CEO Bjørn Bauer in 1990, initially specializing in environmental consultancy and now leading the way in comprehensive sustainability solutions.

2 November 2023


We are thrilled to welcome Dizparc as a valuable member of our Partner Program. Our partnership with Dizparc offers you a unique opportunity to explore the world of digital solutions like never before. Countries served: Sweden, Poland, Norway.

25 September 2023


BITEQ is a respected partner within our program, specializing in data solutions. Committed to delivering high-quality services, BITEQ distinguishes itself as a reliable business partner with a strong emphasis on trust-based customer relationships. Countries served: Denmark, Sweden.