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25 June 2024 Partners


We are pleased to welcome EcoTree as one of our Klappir Partners. EcoTree is a European leader in Nature-based Solutions and certified B Corp, enabling its clients to engage in nature conservation by developing fully integrated projects for protecting, sustainable management, and restorations of European ecosystems.

By Klappir

Welcoming EcoTree to the Klappir Partner Program

EcoTree supports its clients from the definition of their climate strategy to their contribution to global carbon neutrality. This helps them combat climate change and biodiversity decline while maximising the environmental, social, and economic benefits of their commitments in compliance with regulations and/or voluntary reporting frameworks.

The synergy between EcoTree and Klappir is greatly aligned. The partnerships gives organisations the opportunity to accurately measure their impacts on climate and biodiversity in the Klappir Platform, and once those impacts are understood, organisations can use EcoTree’s portfolio of nearly 60 forest projects across Europe to choose relevant mitigation and compensation investments.

EcoTree offers nature-based projects for companies to take climate action and contribute to European nature restoration projects through three main solutions:

  • Climate

    • Certified carbon credits (Label Bas Carbone, Bureau Veritas)
    • Tree ownership with the right to the profits of the sale after selected thinning's
    • Direct forest investment
    • Forest sponsorship
  • Biodiversity

    • Support for ad hoc projects and sustainable sourcing of biodiversity projects
    • Contribution to the EcoTree Biodiversity Fund
  • Advisory

    • Carbon reporting
    • Avoidance, reduction and contribution strategy
    • Training: 1,5 hours to understand carbon / biodiversity / contribution & reporting frameworks
    • Climate & Biodiversity Fresco

Countries served:

France, Denmark, Germany, BENELUX, U.K

Partner since: 2024

By Klappir25 June 2024

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