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27 March 2024 Success story

How Klappir assisted Advania in achieving Science-Based Emission Targets

Advania is “The tech company with people at heart”, operating across Sweden, Norway, UK, Iceland, Finland and Denmark. With over 5,000 talents, Advania offers managed services, hardware and software, and professional services to clients in both private and public sectors. Advania’s primary goal isn't just about technology; it's about empowering people to create sustainable value.

By Klappir

A collaboration for Sustainability

Advania in Iceland has around 600 specialists working to simplify the daily tasks of their customers. The company emphasizes operating in harmony with the environment and is focused on environmental protection and sustainable development in its operations. It aims for continuous improvement in environmental matters, measures emissions from its operations at least annually, and aims to achieve its emission targets based on scientific criteria (i.e., Science-Based Targets).

Advania has been measuring their GHG emissions and publishing the results in their sustainability reports since 2019 and have constantly improved the measurements each year with Klappir’s assistance. Advania wanted to set targets to reduce emissions but did not want to choose just any targets; rather they wanted the targets to be based on a proven methodology. It was decided to set emission targets based on scientific criteria (i.e., Science-Based Targets) and get them validated by the Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi).

To go through the SBTi validation process, it's necessary to enclose the total GHG emissions due to the company's operations, including all scope 3 categories. Advania had not previously included all scope 3 categories in their GHG emission calculations and they opted to consult with external sustainability advisors, including Klappir, especially to find ways to calculate those categories that Advania had not calculated before.

Advania still bases its GHG emission calculations on the consultation received from Klappir in this project, the Sustainability Platform, and especially the methodology report that Advania included with the application to SBTi. With Klappir's help, Advania were able to calculate all categories that the operations affect and explain how the data was structured and on what the calculations were based, which they believe played a crucial role in Advania promptly getting through the validation process.

Results and impact

Having passed through the SBTi validation process, Advania now has a better overview of emission calculations, which categories are needed to focus on to build up quality data, and where Klappir's software can assist.


“It has been a pleasant cooperation with Klappir, and what stood out in this project specifically was the methodology report and, of course, the outcomes of the calculations. It showed us in black and white where we need to reduce and was naturally the basis for building a strategy aimed at reducing emissions. We are far from finished building up the GHG emission accounting to follow up our goals of reducing emissions. I believe that more data will be based on API connections and less need for manually entering data, allowing sustainability specialists to shift focus to more value-creating projects and to reducing emissions. Klappir’s software is very user-friendly and saves a lot of time in data collection, especially for scope 1 and 2. The data connections that have been set up in Klappir’s system have always saved a lot of time during the sustainability statement periods. Klappir helped Advania to build up a methodology for calculating the company’s total GHG emissions, which was a key factor in getting Advania's emission targets approved by the Science Based Targets initiative.”

Thora Rut Jonsdottir, Director of Sustainability, Advania Iceland

By Klappir27 March 2024

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