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Klappir helps society push towards sustainability

Emphasis on sustainability in business operations is growing, and the legal environment is developing continuously, requiring more detailed and coordinated disclosure of corporate information relating to environmental issues and other non-financial aspects.


Annual shareholder's meeting 27. April 2023

The board of Klappir announces the Annual Shareholder's Meeting of the company which will be held 27th April 2023 at 15:00, at Café Atlanta, Hlíðasmári 3, 201 Kópavogur, Iceland.


Data Accuracy and Completeness in ESG Reporting.

The world of sustainability reporting is quickly maturing and the EU is leading the way. European lawmakers have realized that in order for the EU to reach carbon neutrality by 2050, the key players in the business world will all need to do their part.


CSRD and ESRS on the horizon

A new European legislative directive and accompanying reporting standards will obligate 49.000 companies to report in detail on their sustainability. Will you be ready?


Can it really be simple to collect and work with ESG data?

Data and selfless cooperation are the way forward in the green transition. The Icelandic company Klappir has shown that in its home country since 2013, and now they have brought their platform to Denmark. The platform supports companies and institutions with ESG data for their climate accounting and sustainability reporting.


View the webinar: How to strategize carbon accounting and removal

On 4 November, we hosted our first Webinar with Klimate on the topic of carbon accounting and carbon removal. With this webinar, we wanted to give you the chance to explore the decarbonization journey from carbon accounting to carbon removal and break down the steps you need to take to utilize these processes in your organization.


Past event: ESG statements

What is the best way to prepare and finalize sustainability statements? On 29. November, 2022 Dr. Jon Agust Thorsteinsson and Kristinn Audunsson hosted a webinar on making sustainability statements.


Past event: ESG statements (IS)

What is the best way to prepare and finalize sustainability statements? Monday, November 21, 2022 Dr. Jón Ágúst Þorsteinsson and Kristinn Auðunsson hosted a webinar on making sustainability statements. The presentation was online and is available here.


Scopes in the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and how do you tackle Scope 3 emissions

The European Union has increasingly put emphasis on sustainability, and simultaneously developed new directives and regulations in order to unite reporting on emissions. The European Union strives to align regulations to ensure comprehensive and comparable reports, taking into account not only the companies own emissions but also those of their respective value chains.


Online shareholder meeting of Klappir Green Solutions

The Board of Directors of Klappir Green Solutions shareholder meeting, will be held online Friday, November 18, 2022. The meeting will start at 15:00 UTC.


Past event: How to strategize carbon accounting and removal

The purpose of the webinar is to inspire companies to get started on carbon accounting and removal and give them some tools on how to strategically go about it. A short guide on the journey from calculations to offsetting. The aim is to give company’s something hands-on to take back and work on.


Tinna Hallgrimsdottir joins the Sustainability Specialist team at Klappir

We are pleased to announce that Tinna Hallgrímsdóttir will join Klappir as a sustainability specialist. Tinna has been working in the sustainability and environmental sector for a while. She is the president of Young Environmentalists in Iceland, one of the organizers of Fridays for Future Iceland. Furthermore, she was appointed by the Minister of Environment, Energy and Climate to join the Icelandic Climate Council.


Meet our DK sustainability team at the TechBBQ in Copenhagen

Are you interested in data-driven sustainability solutions? Our dedicated Klappir Nordic team is at the TechBBQ, were they would love to meet you.


Klappir is expanding to new markets with financing from Nefco

Nefco, the Nordic Green Bank, has signed a convertible loan agreement with Klappir. Currently, Klappir’s software has already more than 6,000 users in Iceland and Denmark. Financing from Nefco will be used to scale up operations in Europe and North America.

Success Story

Sjóvá, in har­mo­ny with so­ci­ety and the en­vi­ron­ment

Sustainability is an issue that is viewed across the ESG spectrum at Sjóvá. Climate change and natural disasters, for example, may well have a direct impact on operations. Being an insurer, Sjóvá assesses risks on a day-to-day basis. Climate risk assessments are carried out to better understand the risks caused by climate change and the impact of events such as wildfires, landslides, and floods. The aim is to mitigate the risk and enhance loss prevention.


Klappir arrange green financing from Nordic Environment Finance Corporation

Klappir has, on the basis of its Green Financing Framework, concluded a Term Sheet with Nefco (Nordic Environment Finance Corporation) on the main terms for a green loan, intended to support Klappir‘s international scale-up plans.

Success Story

Reykjanesbaer increased emphasis on environmental and climate issues

The municipality Reykjanesbaer was formed by the merger of the municipalities of Keflavík, Njarðvík and Hafnir on 11 June 1994. The municipality is located on the western side of the Reykjanes peninsula. It is the fourth largest municipality in the country with a population approx. 20,380 inhabitants. At the end of 2019, the Reykjanesbær City Council approved a comprehensive ESG policy for the municipality, setting tone for the municipality's sustainability journey for the next 10 years.


Why organizations should evaluate their value chain

Organizations can monitor their value chain by sending out sustainability assessments. In this way, they also exercise the power they have in a good way and can subsequently choose from their value chain the companies that are most desirable for their operations when it comes to ESG aspects.

Success Story

Kopavogur, data driven approach to sustainability

Great emphasis is placed on environmental issues in Kopavogur and sustainable development is taken into account in decision-making, construction, operation, procurement and other activities on behalf of the town.


Klappir HQ, new location in Iceland

Klappir Green Solutions HQ has moved from Armuli 6, Reykjavik to Hlidasmari 3, Kopavogur.


New board members join Klappir

At the Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, 27 April 2022, two new directors joined the board: Gunnar Sigurdsson (Rapyd) and Vilborg Einarsdóttir (Bravo Earth). Jon Bjornsson (Origo) and Stefan Eyjolfsson (Air Atlanta) left the board.


Now is the time to start thinking about CSRD

CSRD is an EU directive which will replace and build on the NFRD in order to encourage more companies to disclose detailed and extended sustainability reports.


Online Annual shareholder's meeting 27. April 2022

The board of Klappir announces the Annual Shareholder's Meeting of the company which will be held online on Wednesday 27 April 2022 at 16:00

Success Story

Íslandsbanki a catalyst for positive social action

Íslandsbanki is a leader in financial services in Iceland. Type of products and services include savings, lending, payment services and investment banking services. The bank has an asset management focused subsidiary. The Bank lends to companies and individuals with a 25- 40% market share across all domestic business segments.


Transparency is the key to sustainability

Since 2013, Klappir has worked with companies, municipalities and institutions to achieve success in sustainability, and in 2017, Klappir was listed on Nasdaq First North. Today, the company has more than 300 shareholders. These shareholders are entrepreneurs, families, institutional investors and individuals; parties who want to contribute to a sustainable future.

Success Story

ÞG Verk a sustainability focused construction company

ÞG Verk is a comprehensive construction company that has accumulated extensive work knowledge for 20 years by building all types of structures, e.g., power plants, schools, bridges, offices and apartments and factory buildings.


Heiða Lára joins Klappir as HR-manager

Heiða Lára Heiðarsdóttir has been hired as human resources manager at Klappir. She previously worked as HR Manager at Benchmark Genetics and before that she was HR Manager at Marorka.

Success Story

Eimskip: A North-Atlantic Transporting Company Sails Into Digitized Sustainability

Eimskip currently uses the sustainability tool to create quarterly environmental statements and yearly Sustainability Statements. With the automatic collection of activity data, data origin can be traced back to the supplier.


2021 was a great year for Klappir. Key numbers and financial statement.

The year 2021 went very well in all areas - the number of users increased by 50% during the year, which is an excellent result, and operations have all become very efficient. Our most important tasks will continue to be to increase the number of users rapidly, strengthen the company’s infrastructure and secure capital for growth.

Success Story

Húsasmiðjan, constant improvement for the environment

Húsasmiðjan is the leading hardware and home improvement chain in Iceland and a leading supplier for the construction industry. It was founded in 1956, making it the oldest operating hardware store in Iceland.


Klappir Nordic established - office opened in Copenhagen

Klappir has opened an office in Copenhagen with the name Klappir Nordic. Two employees have been hired at Klappir Nordic’s office, which is in a well-appointed building close to Islandsbrygge in Copenhagen.

Success Story

Arion Bank, in harmony with the environment

Arion Bank has adopted an environment and climate policy and has in recent years made green financial services, such as green car loans, deposits and mortgages, available to its customers. In the year 2021 the Bank issued its first comprehensive green financing framework. Arion Bank is a financially robust bank which places great importance on operating responsibly in harmony with society and the environment.


Climate Assembly for Schools in Reykjavik

The Greenscreen project (Green Penguin) was presented at the Youth Climate Assembly, as a part of raising awareness on climate issues in Reykjavík primary Schools. The Youth Climate Assembly took place in Reykjavík City Hall, Tjarnarsalur on Friday 25.02.2022 from 09:00-13:00.


Klappir supports companies on the journey to sustainability

Klappir was initially founded to design digital solutions for environmental issues for ocean-related industries. The company’s vision was to utilize large quantities of data which was being collected on paper and to digitize statutory registration processes. Data collection soon began to expand, and it now covers nearly all issues regarding environmental measurements in the operations of companies and institutions.

Success Story

Hagar, a leading retailer in the Icelandic market

Hagar is a leading retailer in the Icelandic market and operates 38 stores within 2 grocery retail chains as well as 2 warehouses. Furthermore, Hagar operates through Olís 26 gas stations throughout the country, as well as 43 ÓB stations


Top five sustainability trends 2022

Sustainability is unquestionably one of the most important issues of our time. Pressure from stakeholders is almost tangible as the demand to become more sustainable rises. Organizations and institutions of all kinds must address sustainability if they are to survive and thrive.


Kvika and Klappir establish a fund towards carbon neutrality

Banking firm Kvika, Kvika Asset Management and Klappir Green Solutions have signed a letter of intent for the establishment of a fund with the aim of accelerating Iceland's carbon neutrality.


Klappir approved as a green company

International sustainability data, analytics and insights company ISS ESG has carried out an assessment on Klappir‘s operations, and confirmed their status as green. The assessment is based on the fact that over 90% of Klappir´s revenues originate from the company’s software – a sustainable platform and ecosystem that reduces greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from companies, municipalities, and public institutions. Such activities are categorized as green in the recent EU Taxonomy, which is expected to be adopted in Iceland soon.


The Golf Union of Iceland on its way to sustainability

The Golf Union of Iceland has made an agreement with Klappir to use the sustainability platform for the union's golf clubs. The agreement is part of the implementation of the United Nations Global Goals by the Golf Union of Iceland.


Green Penguin receives the European Entrepreneurship Award

Iskraemeco's and Klappir's Green Penguin project received the first prize in the category of supporting the sustainable transition at the European Entrepreneurship Award Ceremony held at the European Commission's Annual Assembly for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Portorož.


Birta Pension Fund joins the Klappir Digital Ecosystem

Birta Pension Fund has agreed with Klappir on the implementation of software to monitor the ESG performance of the fund's portfolio

Success Story

Ölgerðin - a leading beverage manufacturer takes charge of its sustainable future

Ölgerðin is a progressive manufacturing company with a history dating back more than a century. Their products are household names throughout Iceland, and the company prides itself on providing excellent customer service and high-quality products.


Five important environmental decisions made by companies

In my 7+ years in the environmental industry I have worked with dozens of companies, many at very different places in their sustainability journey. During my time working with those companies I’ve noticed that there are similarities between the companies that are successful in implementing environmental tools, policies and a way of thinking. I’ve listed five of the most impactful decisions, in my opinion, that successful companies have all made.

Success Story

Origo, a leading IT service company with a passion for sustainability

Origo is a leading Nordic IT service company that utilizes the ingenuity of its staff to help its customers to enhance their results, success and security. Origo has more than 50 years of experience in developing and operating IT systems and services both in Iceland and Sweden.


Klappir and Iskraemeco win first prize in Climathon Ljubljana

Throughout history, cities have been a key driver of change and innovation. But today, they play one of the most important roles in the climate crisis battle, by adopting multiple solutions to mitigate the risks and achieve carbon neutrality.


Advancing to the cloud from a spreadsheet

The aviation industry has had a very difficult year. We all know why. What you may not know is that many airlines and airports have spent 2020 learning how to increase efficiencies and minimize waste in order to survive this draught. Improving the use of smart technologies like IoT, automation and cloud infrastructure are the keys to the future success of the aviation industry.


University of Iceland in collaboration with Klappir Grænar Lausnir

The University of Iceland and the company Klappir Grænar Lausnir have decided to start collaborating in the field of teaching, research, and development of methodologies to assess the sustainable development of communities and organizations on the basis of the United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development. The collaboration is intended for the benefit of Icelandic society and its development towards sustainability.


7 Good Reasons to Engage in Environmental Management

At Klappir we help our clients to simplify their environmental management and reflect on the performance through environmental statements and ESG reports. The reasons more and more organisations are heading this way are manifold. Here are seven of the main gains we've witnessed from working closely with our customers.


GHG Protocol: Setting Organizational Boundaries

This is the second article in our series about on the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Corporate Standard and the methodology behind it.


The Greenhouse Gas Protocol Explained

Klappir’s approach to smart environmental management uses The Greenhouse Gas Protocol as a point of reference. Which, of course, sometimes leads our customers to ask: But what is the Greenhouse Gas Protocol? That’s a very good question. We decided to provide an answer once and for all in a series of articles on the topic. This is the first one. We hope you find it both useful and enjoyable.


Announcing the Collaboration Between Klappir and ChartCo

Klappir Green Solutions and ChartCo signed a cooperative agreement yesterday. The two companies will work in close collaboration on offering international merchant shipping companies digital logbooks and various software solutions for collecting environmental data and ensuring legal compliance.