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29 January 2024 News

Klappir nominated for the 2023 UT (IT) Company Award

We are proud to announce that Klappir has been nominated as UT (IT) Company of the year 2023 at the 2024 SKÝ UT Awards. We’re grateful for this recognition that highlights our commitment to using information technology to drive corporate sustainability and environmental responsibility.

By Klappir

Selected among the top three nominees in IT company of 2023

The UT Awards, hosted by Ský and celebrated at the fourteenth UT Fair (utmessan.is) on February 2nd 2024 in Harpa, showcase excellence in the field of information technology. We are honoured to be selected among the top three nominees in our category, UT (IT) Company 2023, which recognizes companies that have made significant achievements in utilizing information technology on both national and international levels.

Our SaaS solution, the Sustainability Platform, designed for carbon accounting and sustainability reporting, has been instrumental in helping companies across Iceland and beyond in meeting emerging requirements for detailed sustainability information. For a decade, we have specialized in corporate sustainability solutions, focusing on automation and data quality to support our clients, ranging from registered and unregistered companies to public entities.

The winner in each category will be announced during the award ceremony at Eldborg, the main hall of Harpa concert hall and conference centre, , with the President of Iceland, Mr. Guðni Th. Jóhannesson, presenting the awards. We look forward to celebrating the achievements of all nominees in advancing the field of information technology.

To learn more about the UT Fair and the program for the conference and exhibition day for technical personnel, please visit www.utmessan.is. We extend our gratitude to Ský and our customers, partners, and the excellent Klappir team for their continued support and dedication, which is being recognized by this nomination.

By Klappir29 January 2024

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