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9 March 2022 News

Klappir Nordic established - office opened in Copenhagen

Klappir has opened an office in Copenhagen with the name Klappir Nordic. Two employees have been hired at Klappir Nordic’s office, which is in a well-appointed building close to Islandsbrygge in Copenhagen.

By Klappir

"We have been well received in Denmark in recent months, so we decided to establish Klappir Nordic. The new venture currently has two employees: Martin Kahl and Isabelle Brodden, who will serve the Nordic countries. They both have extensive experience in environmental matters. We have high hopes of further strengthening our position in the Nordic countries with the establishment of Klappir Nordic," says Anton Sigfusson, CCO at Klappir.

Klappir's aim, among other things, is to help companies, municipalities and institutions build infrastructure in the field of information technology to meet the significant challenges that lie ahead in environmental matters, not least due to international commitments to reduce pollution. The influential Paris Agreement is the first legally binding international agreement aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and slowing down global warming.

"Klappir operates in a global market that will grow significantly in the coming years. Klappir’s product is a leader in terms of technology and diversity. It will be sought after all over the world in a rapidly growing market, and there will be many opportunities for growth. Our business strategy is clear, and we have a distinct path into the future. Klappir will distribute its software solutions on international markets in collaboration with partners who have knowledge and experience of markets that are on the one hand regional, and on the other hand industry-bound," says Jon Agust Thorsteinsson, CEO of Klappir.

Image: Martin Kahl and Isabelle Brodden, employees of Klappir Nordic in Copenhagen.

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By Klappir9 March 2022

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