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Revolutionizing Carbon Management in Logistics

Discover how gryn's innovative carbon visibility platform

Gryn is your go to carbon visibility and collaboration platform. The platform is a comprehensive solution designed to streamline your carbon management process, empowering you to make a significant impact on your environmental footprint. With gryn, you get access to a range of powerful features.

The gryn platform offers the following:

  • Automated Scope 3 Carbon Reporting:
    Effortlessly track and manage your logistics carbon emissions with our intuitive reporting system (Scope 3.4 & 3.9)
  • Reduction Targets & Actions:
    Set achievable reduction targets and take strategic actions to meet your sustainability goals.
  • Real-time Tracking:
    Keep a close eye on your progress with our real-time tracking feature, ensuring you stay on top of your carbon reduction efforts.
  • Data Validation and Standardization:
    Trust the integrity of your data with our advanced validation and standardization tools, ensuring the highest data quality.
  • Compliance Check and Audit Support:
    Meet industry regulations with ease and simplify your corporate reporting with our compliance check and comprehensive audit suppor.
  • Recommendations:
    The AI based gryn recommendation engine delivers actionable insights by suggesting greenest options to reduce and avoid carbon emissions.
  • Carbon Analytics:
    Gain further insights into your carbon emissions, which offer you to target specific hot spots and lanes.

All this and more is available under one solution ensuring that sustainability management is accessible to businesses of all sizes.

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