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Service and support

Klappir´s professional services are designed to help you during every step of your sustainability journey. We offer a full suite of onboarding, consulting, training, and technical services so you can maximize your results with Klappir.

Onboarding servicesWe make sure you make a successful start

Klappir onboarding services are here to support you in making a successful start. We help you to build the solution according to your needs and expectations. Together, we will construct a customized onboarding plan designed to help you reach your most important goals, faster. Klappir experts will design the onboarding plan for you based on:

  • The company's highest priority sustainability goals
  • The size and complexity of your organization
  • The size of your company's value chain
  • The Klappir products you purchased

Specialist servicesAssistance tailored to your specific needs

Our specialist services are designed to help you with a wide variety of sustainability challenges, including creating Policy & action plans, Reporting & disclosure, Data analyses and Value chain analyses.

customer support

General servicesWe are with you every step of the way

Our service team is available to assist you in any way should you have any questions or require assistance.