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FeaturesData Collection Optimization

Sustainability management requires that you collect, store and process large amounts of data. Stop wasting unnecessary time and be smart about your data collection.

OrganizeSupplier APIs

Automate your data collecting by connecting your suppliers to Klappir’s APIs (if they haven’t already) - collect high-frequency data straight from the source. This method is highly recommended as it provides great traceability and continuous monitoring.

OrganizeSmart metering solutions

If you have installed smart meters for electricity or heating, you can stream real-time data through our APIs straight into your dashboard.

OrganizeSupplier upload

Invite your suppliers to the platform and enable them to upload your activity data on your behalf. Send notifications to your suppliers every time you need an updated batch of data.

OrganizeUser upload

Where you can’t outsource data input, you can fill in the gaps by using our intuitive data upload interface. You can either bulk upload data with easy-to-use csv templates or simply enter it in with your keyboard. If your organisation is large and complicated, you can invite users from different departments or locations to contribute.


Survey different organizations within your value chain to gather data. You can question your suppliers and assess their sustainability performance. If applicable, you can also assess and gather data from your franchises or your investment and loan portfolios.