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FeaturesSustainable value chain

Measure the sustainability of your suppliers and share your sustainability profile with your customers

The Sustainable Value Chain Challenge

As a sustainability manager, one of your most important job is to improve the upstream and downstream sustainability performance of your value chain. This can pose a challenge that may seem insurmountable as data can be hard to find and suppliers non-responsive. But not anymore - our Sustainability Platform streamlines the process to make your job easier.

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UpstreamAssess your supply chain

Your suppliers influence your upstream performance. Collect all relevant sustainability data from your suppliers through your Sustainability Platform account. Survey your suppliers and receive information about their emissions, the status of their various strategies, and progress toward sustainability goals. Track the supplier's response progress and receive a supplier engagement rating.

DownstreamShare information on your sustainability

Understand how your products affect the overall sustainability of society. The better and more sustainable your products and service, the better your downstream performance, and the greater your positive impact. Just as you can receive data from your suppliers, you can share your data with your customers through your Sustainability platform account.

Add on for financial institutionsSustainable value chain

Measure and transparently disclose financed emissions in accordance with the PCAF standard (Partnership for Carbon Accounting Financials) to understand the climate impact of your organization's lending and investment activities. Analyze and assign a performance score to your portfolio.