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Sustainable Finance

Enabling the financial sector to collect reliable and transparent data on their investments and loans. Providing a sustainability score on each project and overview of the overall portfolio.

Streamline the process of recording data from your value chain.

Recording sustainability data can pose a challenge as sources of data have been hard to find - but not anymore. By utilizing the Klappir Sustainable Finance, you can streamline the process of recording data from your value chain. Sustainable Finance offers users of the Platform the opportunity to send data requests through the Platform where information is gathered in one place, based on real-time data, transparency and comparability.

ESG Assessment

ESG Assessment includes data recording and rating of companies which work with you and have an impact on your own ESG performance. The sustainability score is automatically calculated.

The purpose of rating portfolios in this way is to understand the sustainability performance of your value chain when it comes to ESG factors, that is, environmental, social and governance factors. Each portfolio is given an objective and subjective score. Subsequently, the value chain can be compared respectively to these factors. Investors are increasingly looking at ESG factors when it comes to investment decisions, and this ideology is based on responsible investment.

PCAF Assessment

The PCAF assessment package is an extension of Klappir´s solution platform. PCAF Assessment includes data recording and rating of your investments and loans. This feature supports your work on improving Scope 3, Category 15 (Investment) in your value chain.

The purpose of the PCAF standard is to provide financial institutions with a transparent and integrated methodology for measuring and disclosing the carbon footprint. It assesses a particular financial institution in the form of loans and investments in accordance with the GHG Protocol on accounting and reporting standards. The PCAF rating is based on the quality of the underlying data and is rated from 1-5 (rating 1 is the highest rating and rating 5 is the lowest rating). The PCAF framework currently covers the following asset classes:

  1. Listed equity and corporate bonds
  2. Business loans and unlisted equity
  3. Project finance
  4. Commercial real estate
  5. Mortgages
  6. Motor vehicle loans

The Klappir Sustainability Platform offers assessment tool for the first two asset classes and will later add assessment tools and procedures for the remaining four.

Supplier Assessment

The unit Supplier Assessment, which is based on international ESG standards, is an addition in Klappir´s software and supports your work on improving Scope 3, Category 1 (Product and services) in your value chain. The unit assists companies in collecting sustainability data from the suppliers in the value chain. Each supplier is given an objective and a subjective score based on their sustainability information. The tool allows an easy overview and evaluation of sustainability parameters of the current supply chain, and to screen potential new suppliers. As a result, suppliers can be benchmarked and compared. Data is validated to obtain full transparency and knowledge of the suppliers in a flexible and agile way.

Want to know more?

If you would like to know more about the sustainable finance products and the Klappir Sustainability platform, feel free to contact one of our experts at service@klappir.com