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25 February 2022 News

Climate Assembly for Schools in Reykjavik

The Greenscreen project (Green Penguin) was presented at the Youth Climate Assembly, as a part of raising awareness on climate issues in Reykjavík primary Schools. The Youth Climate Assembly took place in Reykjavík City Hall, Tjarnarsalur on Friday 25.02.2022 from 09:00-13:00.

By Klappir

Green Screens is a concept based on using the Sustainability Platform from Klappir to measure the carbon footprint of Reykjavík’s primary schools and improve young people’s environmental literacy. Klappir, Landvernd and the City of Reykjavík invited four students from each school in the city to participate in the Climate Assembly.

Mayor Dagur B. Eggertsson convened the Climate Assembly today. He observed that it was good to see how interested the young people were in influencing the environment and the future, and how ready they were to contribute through actions and concerted efforts.

Then Gudni Th. Jóhannesson, President of Iceland, made an online appearance in which he encouraged people to be optimistic in environmental issues, saying: "We must not be overcome with climate anxiety; we must be warriors. Climate warriors!"

The President also said that those working in the world of science and learning were searching for environmentally friendly solutions in all areas. "As we fight together to combat climate change, technology can be our best ally."

Green Screens introduced in Reykjavík primary schools

Green Screens, which will display information from Klappir's Sustainability Platform, will be introduced in Reykjavík's primary schools. The information will show the school's carbon emissions along with the underlying causes, such as electricity consumption, transport and waste generation. The emphasis will be on a fun and easy-to-understand presentation alongside education and information on how to achieve the best results.

In parallel with the implementation of Green Screens, Landvernd - the Icelandic Environment Association - will introduce environmental education projects in the schools with study materials and teaching that will support Green Screens and provide a foundation for digital and data-driven learning related to the daily activities of schools in all subjects. An important part of the project is that environmental data will be presented in a gameplaying context to increase comparison, coordination and harmony within and between schools.

The benefits of the project are many

The Green Screens project won an award from the European Commission in their sustainability category. A total of 450 projects from 28 EU countries applied for the award.

“The benefits of the project will be multifaceted. One of the main objectives is to strengthen school children’s data-driven environmental literacy and enhance their ability to think about climate and environmental issues in a critical, informed and clear way,” says Thorsteinn Svanur Jónsson, CPO and co-founder of Klappir.

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By Klappir25 February 2022

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