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24 November 2020 News

Klappir and Iskraemeco win first prize in Climathon Ljubljana

Throughout history, cities have been a key driver of change and innovation. But today, they play one of the most important roles in the climate crisis battle, by adopting multiple solutions to mitigate the risks and achieve carbon neutrality.

By Anton Birkir Sigfússon

The City of Ljubljana, together with the CER, a Partnership for a Sustainable Economy. organised a climathon to look for bold ideas for tackling global environmental challenges. The event took place from 10–13 November and was held under the umbrella of Global Climathon across 145 cities

The development of the idea started by looking at the needs of the city, residents, and other stakeholders and thoroughly analysing them. How can residents and businesses help the city reduce consumption and CO2 emissions? How can we spark interest in increasing energy efficiency and environmental cautiousness? How can you encourage individuals to change their habits?

Combining knowledge and a thorough understanding of sustainable solutions, Klappir and Iskraemeco found a way to tackle global environmental challenges and potentially engage residents and local businesses to co-create a carbon-neutral city. The Green Penguin idea was born.

The solution is based on the use of smart digital technologies through gamification to achieve environmental and sustainability literacy for children and a substantial reduction of the city's CO2 footprint.

The concept was declared victorious in the competition by a multidisciplinary jury and is now nominated for the Global Climathon Awards.

Klappir thanks Iskraemeco for a fruitful cooperation and congratulates the team of international experts that worked day on night on the project.

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By Anton Birkir Sigfússon24 November 2020

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