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26 April 2024 Partners

Gott og gilt

We are pleased to welcome Gott og Gilt as one of our Klappir Partners. Gott og Gilt, a premier sustainability business consultancy based in Iceland, brings years of work in social responsibility to our collaborative network.

By Klappir

Welcoming Gott og Gilt to the Klappir Partner Program

Gott og Gilt is a consultancy based in Iceland, with expertise in sustainability, human resources and governance. Gott og gilt is the first Icelandic consultancy to partner with Klappir, and is happy to be integrating the Sustainability Platform, the only one to be ISEA 3000 certified, into the core service offering. The partnership is a commitment to be the leading sustainability consultancy in Iceland by utilizing Klappir's full compliance Sustainability Platform and the Klappir IRO Management tool to guide clients on their sustainability journey.

Gott og Gilt Expertise

Sustainability Consulting: The collaboration with Klappir allows Gott og Gilt to focus on specialized sustainability services with quality data to help organizations navigate CSRD and ESRS. Gott og Gilt consultants, equipped with the tools and knowledge, ensuring that your company achieves its sustainability goals in an effective way. Using the Klappir tools our consultants can take its clients on a practical approach to the compliance journey.

Gott og Gilt Approach

Gott og Gilt believes in effectiveness, the methods used are designed to be straightforward, ensuring that every solution provided is practical but also tailored to the clients needs. Clear communication and strategies are a prioritization ensuring that each project is handled with professionalism and care.

Contact us

Gott og Gilt is ready to help your organization on its sustainability and compliance journey. Contact us to learn more about our services and how we can help you achieve sustainable results.

Countries served:

Faroe Islands

Partner since: 20.02.2024

By Klappir26 April 2024

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