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Streamlining Sustainability ReportingKlappir IRO Management

Discover the future of Impact, Risk & Opportunity (IRO) Management with our advanced Klappir IRO platform. Tailored to seamlessly integrate the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS).

Discover the future of Impact, Risk & Opportunity (IRO) Management

Klappir IRO equips you with robust tools for comprehensive double materiality assessments, detailed gap analyses, and the development of impactful policies, actions, and targets in line with the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and the accompanying European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS). Optimize your sustainability reporting journey with Klappir IRO, where compliance meets clarity in every ESRS disclosure.

Our IRO management solution is built on several key pillars:

  • Materiality: Identify and manage significant sustainability impacts, risks, and opportunities with our robust double materiality assessment process.
  • Policies: Create, manage and monitor policies that address material impacts, risks, and opportunities effectively.
  • Actions: Design targeted actions for managing each aspect of materiality.
  • Targets: Set measurable metrics and targets to track and enhance your sustainability performance.

ESRS Compliance & Effective Sustainability Management

Our platform features pre-made matrices and built-in guidance to facilitate a smooth transition to the new EU sustainability regulation (CSRD and ESRS).

Step-by-Step Guide to ESRS Implementation & Disclosure

  1. Double Materiality: Utilize our user-friendly matrices to pinpoint material ESG matters, aligning with topical ESRS standards.
  2. Gap Analysis: Leverage our pre-made ESRS gap analysis matrices to evaluate existing sustainability practices and pinpoint improvement areas.
  3. Policies: Review and refine sustainability policies to manage IRO effectively, ensuring comprehensive oversight and efficient audit and disclosure processes.
  4. Actions: Create and manage detailed action plans for handling material impacts, risks, and opportunities. Assign responsibilities and deadlines to maintain momentum.
  5. Targets: Meet ESRS disclosure requirements by setting clear targets for all material matters. Link your actions to these targets to stay aligned with your sustainability goals.
  6. ESRS Reporting: Ready made structure for writing the Management Report (narratives) for ESRS 2 and relevant topical standards for disclosing ESRS.

Structured approach to ESRS

Our clients and partners are leaders in sustainability, dedicated to making a positive impact. With our IRO Management tool, ESRS compliance becomes manageable, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

We provide an essential digital ESRS onboarding process to ensure effective onboarding and training. Our comprehensive onboarding process involves project phases, work sessions led by a dedicated onboarding leader and specialists covering various crucial topics.

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