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20 February 2024 News

Klappir and BravoEarth join forces developing Klappir IRO

Klappir and BravoEarth have been working hard in recent months to bring to map out new EU sustainability reporting requirements and adapt their solutions to them. With Klappir IRO, a new addition to the Klappir's Sustainability Platform, users will be better able to manage policies, processes, and planning in accordance with new legal requirements.

By Klappir

Klappir IRO

Recently, BravoEarth, in collaboration with Klappir, has been adapting its IRO tool to the new European Union's European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS). The IRO tool is marketed under the name Klappir IRO, which stands for impact, risk, and opportunity. The collaboration enables Klappir to offer an even more comprehensive solution that makes it easier for European companies to meet new legal and regulatory requirements for more detailed sustainability reporting.

In the coming years, about 50,000 European companies will be required to submit sustainability reports according to the new EU directive on corporate sustainability reporting.

"Klappir IRO will facilitate companies in meeting the diverse requirements of the directive, both in terms of measurements and numerical presentation in environmental, social, and governance aspects, and in terms of materiality analysis, goal setting, and planning that companies are required to disclose in their sustainability reports". Sigrun Jonsdottir, CPO & Co-founder, Klappir

The new EU directive on corporate sustainability reporting is part of the European Green Deal and is an important step towards the continent's goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. To achieve these goals, companies need to be encouraged towards more sustainable practices and measure their performance in a standardized way. Klappir and BravoEarth see great opportunities in assisting European companies in achieving their sustainability goals.

"We're honored to partner with Klappir, a leader in the sustainability field. This collaboration is a natural fit for us, sharing a common goal to foster environmental responsibility. Together, we aim to support Icelandic and European businesses as they work towards their sustainability goals and adapt to new regulations. It’s about providing practical solutions and expertise that make a real difference." - Vilborg Einarsdóttir, Founder and CEO of BravoEarth.

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By Klappir20 February 2024

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