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FeaturesSustainability Accounting

Automation of data collection and emission calculations allows you to focus on what really matters - decreasing carbon emissions.

OrganizeCollect activity data with ease

Carbon management requires that you collect, store and process large amounts of data. Stop wasting time and be smart about your data collection. Our platform offers many ways to minimize data collection efforts while maximizing real-time data quality and frequency.

Enhance with our emission factors

Account for both direct and indirect emissions under the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. Our emission factor database is constantly updated to ensure that calculations are as accurate as possible.

AnalyzeMonitor your carbon footprint

Dive deep into your environmental and activity data. Analyze the emission profile of every asset, user or supplier, with accuracy. Use our powerful analytical tools to spot opportunities to reduce wasteful practices. Switch between a visual, detailed and transaction based view.

ActCreate sustainability reports

Generate reports and engage with your stakeholders in an instant, with the right templates and formats designed under recognised standards such as GRI, UNGC, Nasdaq ESG and more.