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Our ecosystem approach

Our mission is to lead the world in data-driven sustainability efforts, and our ecosystems are at the heart of that mission.

Sustainability Ecosystem

By cooperating with others within the Klappir digital ecosystem for sustainability, Klappir offers its users an improved capability to make informed decisions, learn from others and evaluate sustainability performance based on trustworthy information generated in the ecosystem.

Working together towards sustainability

No one can solve the challenges alone. Only through cooperation can we support our society to become more sustainable. We work closely with our customers to enhance their user experience. We aim to provide our customers with solid support and assistance while working with our software.

Our company is based in Iceland and over the years we have developed close relations with Icelandic industries and municipalities. Our cooperation includes development of both the technology and the methodology where ideas are shared and good proposals end in our roadmap.

Our Digital Ecosystem Approach

Companies need to have access to reliable, solid and transparent information on sustainability. This allows them to make better decisions related to their own sustainability performance, for example, access information related to the ecological footprint of goods and services or understanding the various sources of emissions through the value chain. When having this information it can be coupled with actionable changes resultantly allowing companies to adapt their performance decisions.

On the basis of Sustainable Development Goal number 17, partnership for the goals, the Klappir ecosystem enables organizations to work together and share information, receive support from others and thereby contribute to society through collaboration.

All users of Klappir Sustainability Platform are connected to the Klappir Digital Ecosystem and can invite others in the ecosystem to share data. At the same time, users have control of sharing their own data to ensure reliable and validated flow of data between parties. Unequivocally, sustainability is not only about your business - it is about your customers, suppliers and logistics too and therefore cooperation is vital.