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Our ecosystem approach

Our mission is to lead the world in data-driven sustainability efforts, and our ecosystems are at the heart of that mission.

In recent years, carbon emissions have skyrocketed, making it more critical than ever to find a way to minimize the damage. At Klappir, we believe that the solution to this problem is transparent, real-time data, information sharing, and cooperation. Our mission is to lead the world in data-driven sustainability efforts, and our ecosystems are at the heart of that mission.

Our Ecosystem Approach

Knowing where we stand at any given time is key to making informed decisions and acting swiftly to make modifications when actions are not driving results. Carbon management goals can only be achieved by bridging the gap between our current position and our desired position. With real-time activity data and emission tracking, resources can be managed more efficiently, enabling customers to reduce their cost, risk, and CO2 emissions. We facilitate this by creating sustainability ecosystems that help you to track your carbon footprint and sustainability performance. As a part of the ecosystem, you can share information with your customers and receive information from your suppliers. This is achieved through our Sustainability Platform with the use of our APIs and data upload tools. If you are a user of our Sustainability tool, the information is used to calculate and visualize your Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions.

By building data-driven sustainability ecosystems for companies in all sectors, we can help businesses reduce their carbon footprint and improve their service. Understanding the effects your business partners, suppliers, and logistics have on the environment is the first step on your way to increased sustainability.

Become a pioneer in your community

Reducing your environmental impact isn’t just about what your business does - it’s also about what your suppliers and other related companies do, too. Our ecosystems are built on cooperation with pioneering companies passionate about putting in a real effort to reduce their own emissions and assisting their customers in their efforts to decrease theirs.

The ecosystem approach allows everyone to work together to make carbon management, resource management, CO2 emissions tracking, and ESG reporting accessible to all organizations, large and small.

If you’re ready to work on reducing your organization’s emissions, please get in touch with us and contribute to building data-driven ecosystems that might just save the planet.