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Sustainable Shipping

LogCentral is the maritime industry's all-in-one solution for onboard digital record-keeping and for monitoring vessel environmental sustainability at sea and on shore.

FeaturesUnprecedented overview of your ship's day-to-day operations

Digitizing your onboard record books and connecting them to important operational data such as fuel flow gives you and an unprecedented overview of your ship's day-to-day operations

Monitor onboard recording
Remotely monitor all entries made onboard your vessels and be sure that faulty records won't lead to fines.

Reliable data
Data collected through legal reporting is high-quality data which can be used for so much more than just avoiding fines. Put all that data to work.

Operational efficiency
Get a new insight into your operations through intuitive visualizations and interfaces.

Stream to stakeholders
Stream the record books directly to ports and authorities and get rid of onboard inspections and physical exchange of information

Keep on top of the data that needs to be managed

Vessels are required to keep written records of many things onboard during a voyage. In recent years, the list of requirements has expanded and shows no signs of slowing down. The number of record books a single vessel needs to keep can become time consuming to manage.

Following MARPOL's approval of the use of Klappir´s electronic record books in October 2020, LogCentral is an ideal solution for keeping on top of the amount of data that needs to be managed.

LogCentral has classification approval from Lloyds Register, confirming that it conforms to all current legislation, including that instituted by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) and MARPOL.

Electronic Record Books and OnShore Monitoring System

The Sustainable Shipping extension is comprised of two connected solutions; one for the vessel which holds a large number of electronic record books, activity overviews and management tools; and the other for the shoreside personnel for remotely monitoring onboard record book logging. The data from the record books is also used for performance monitoring since the data collected is of high quality. This data can then be supplemented with other external data via our APIs, such as cargo data and fuel flow data, giving the user an unprecedented quantity and quality of performance analytics.

Is LogCentral the right tool for my operation?

LogCentral is legally compliant software which meets the requirements of MARPOL, MRV, DCS and BWMC. If you are looking to modernize and digitize your legal record books, this is the perfect product. We provide different packages for different types and sizes of vessels.