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21 March 2022 Success story

Eimskip: A North-Atlantic Transporting Company Sails Into Digitized Sustainability

Eimskip currently uses the sustainability tool to create quarterly environmental statements and yearly Sustainability Statements. With the automatic collection of activity data, data origin can be traced back to the supplier.

By Klappir

Since its founding in 1914, Eimskip has been one of the key corporate players in modern Icelandic history. The business was founded with almost 17% of the Icelandic nation represented as shareholders, and growth over the years led to the opening of multiple international offices from the mid-1980s onwards.

Eimskip connects the country to the rest of the world with its expansive transportation systems. Eimskip is determined to manage its carbon footprint, as the world's economic activities quickly shift toward sustainability, more responsible use of resources, and transparent ESG reporting. As a significant business within the Icelandic economy, Eimskip is leading the way with onboard digitalization. The company has the ambition to adopt cutting-edge modern technology to monitor and report on its CO2 emissions and sustainability goals.

Eimskip currently uses the Sustainability Platform from Klappir to create quarterly environmental statements and yearly Sustainability Statements. With the automatic collection of activity data, data origin can be traced back to the supplier.

The Challenge: Time consuming and inefficient data collection

As Eimskip is an international business, all crews must record a wide range of information under international law. Manually collecting this data via paper and pen in multiple logbooks is time-consuming and inefficient – and difficult to share between ship and shore.

A critical factor in resolving these issues would be to make the valuable data contained in thousands of reports accessible and available for analysis while helping to reduce the time spent on the frequent visits by officials who enforce the regulations.

Furthermore, Eimskip wanted a solution that would provide the company with a comprehensive overview of its energy intensity and carbon footprint. This would help ensure that its vessels comply with local, regional, and international maritime regulations and free up valuable operational data in countless paper reports and files.

Enters Klappir

Thorough digitalisation and automatic sharing of information between ships and shore In 2014, Eimskip was one of the first companies in Iceland to implement the Sustainability Platform.

The company adopted the Klappir Sustainability Platform for ESG Reporting and the Sustainable Shipping (on-shore) for energy efficiency and LogCentral (onboard) for digital logbooks for Marpol Annex I-VI, MRV and DCS reporting. This all-in-one solution for onboard digital record-keeping and monitoring digitalises previous pen and paper environmental logbooks on board ships, allowing automatic digital information sharing between ships and shore. Data is streamed from the point of origin to a data warehouse, where it can be processed into reliable information showing energy intensity and environmental sustainability for the whole organization.

This setup supports decision-making at all levels, enabling Eimskip to provide transparent and reliable environmental information, such as carbon footprint and CO2 emissions data, to stakeholders.

Eimskip began publishing ESG reports in 2016.

"Klappir's software solution offers real-time monitoring of operational performance and exposes the environmental impact of our business. It identifies non-financial factors that influence the footprint of our value chain. We were able to reduce emissions and waste and improve the sustainability of the entire operation in no small part thanks to the Klappir sustainable platform."

Eyþór H. Ólafsson @ Eimskip

Great results so far, but the journey has just begun

  • Among the first transportation companies in the world to initiate the use of digital record books.
  • Key performance indicators: Eimskip’s emissions per unit of transported ton cargo - has decreased by 23.5% since the year 2015.
  • Automated processes eliminate manual errors, enable trustworthy inventory accounting, and provide constant actionable information on performance.

Sustainability Statements

Eimskip: Sustainability statement 2022
Eimskip: Sustainability statement 2021
Eimskip: Sustainability statement 2020
Eimskip: Sustainability statement 2019
Eimskip: Sustainability statement 2018


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By Klappir21 March 2022

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