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23 March 2022 Success story

ÞG Verk a sustainability focused construction company

ÞG Verk is a comprehensive construction company that has accumulated extensive work knowledge for 20 years by building all types of structures, e.g., power plants, schools, bridges, offices and apartments and factory buildings.

By Klappir

The company has earned the trust of public bodies and large companies through organized work methods, timely submissions, high-quality work and safe business. Reliability, quality and usability is our motto and the company strives to have good cooperation with its customers.

ÞG Verk´s previous projects include Alvogen’s High Technology Center, Costco, Morgunblaðið’s printing plant, Húsamiðjan’s retail premises (Bygma) and Hafnartorg. ÞG Verk has carried out various projects for geothermal power plants, including as the main contractor for the 1st and 2nd phases of the Hellisheidi power plant and for the expansion of the Nesjavellir power plant. The company has also worked on bridge construction, tunnels and traffic infrastructure.

Why Klappir?

There are many challenges facing construction companies such as keeping up with compliance, many sites to oversee, managing the workforce and slow technology adoption speed.

In 2017 ÞG verk was starting to focus on the environmental factors within their operation but like many other companies, were lacking the overview of all emission factors within their operation. The problem was that they wanted to know where they were at to be able to improve on their environmental impact.

The situation four years ago was that the knowledge about waste quantity and waste sorting was basically non-existent, it was just in the form of invoices from the service provider, with some product number category number ###. Making sense of what was what was not very accessible and the company had no overview of their environmental impact. The knowledge and the results achieved regarding environmental efforts were based on individual initiative, foremen who were interested, and not the company as a whole.

At the end of 2018, ÞG Verk started their overhaul, with a complete review of their operations in regards to waste and emissions. ÞG Verk collaborated with Klappir, choosing the Sustainability Platform to keep track of energy consumption and waste, electricity, water, fuel and more. There is an automatic flow of data from service providers to the software, and the Sustainability Platform started feeding information about what was happening within the operation. When ÞG Verk started measuring, only then the prerequisites came to light, and the journey to start changing and responding to the signals had begun.

ÞG Verk now had an overview of their environmental issues and impact, with an ability to drill down and see different construction sites, this was a complete revolution for the company.

This year the company has reached the point where it has given environmental issues a priority, especially waste sorting and recycling, and are really proud of their accomplishments showcasing results on their website.

Most importantly, knowledge is a driver, but ÞG Verk also recognized that the journey towards environmental responsibility is also about organization, focus and accessibility to tools to facilitate the change.


In September 2018, ÞG Verk decided to start using Klappir Sustainability Platform to manage waste sorting and energy consumption in construction projects on behalf of the company. The Sustainability Platform gave the company a great overview of their own environmental impact. This made it easier for ÞG Verk to see where they could improve and start setting ambitious environmental goals.

Several impressive results and milestones have been reached on their way to meeting their ambitious sustainability goals.

  • Between the years 2018-2021 sorted waste improved from 50% to 80%
  • By improving the sorted waste ratio, ÞG Verk has reduced the cost per wasted Kg. of material by 35% in 2020 compared to 2019


“The problem was that we did not know how much waste we were generating or how much was recycled, the overall information we had was very limited and there was limited overview. Implementing the Sustainability Platform was a complete game changer for us. During this time, the waste sorting ratio at ÞG Verk has gone from 57% in 2018 to 83% in the first half of 2021 and the recycling rate of waste has gone from 33% to 77% over the same period. We are proud of our results, we publish the waste ratio at the top of our website. We have seen that we have a 20% lower cost per kilo this year than last year”.

Bergur Helgason, Quality Manager at ÞG Verk

Environmental statement

Environmental statement 2021(IS)
Environmental statement 2020(IS)


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By Klappir23 March 2022

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