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10 March 2022 Success story

Húsasmiðjan, constant improvement for the environment

Húsasmiðjan is the leading hardware and home improvement chain in Iceland and a leading supplier for the construction industry. It was founded in 1956, making it the oldest operating hardware store in Iceland.

By Klappir

Húsasmiðjan operates 14 hardware stores around Iceland, as well as an online store, and holds a leading market share in various markets and a strong corporate identity. Furthermore, Húsasmiðjan operates 7 garden centers under the brand name Blómaval associated with Húsasmiðjan, as well as 4 Ískraft retail outlets (B2B). Húsasmiðjan is among the largest retail and import companies in Iceland.

Húsasmiðjan is part of BYGMA

The Bygma Group is a solid Nordic group ranking among the top 100 companies in Denmark. Good business acumen, trustworthiness and innovation have been the focal point of the Bygma Group’s activities since its foundation. Our ambition is to achieve both growth and profitability, but we also want to run a responsible business that contributes positively to society. The Bygma Group has approx. 2,400 employees, working for more than 100 business units throughout the Nordic region. The group is the largest Danish-owned supplier to the building trade, its activities comprising the sale and distribution of building materials for construction projects large and small. In 2019, the Bygma Group posted revenue of approx. DKK 8,4 billion.

Why Klappir?

Húsasmiðjan uses Klappir’s Sustainability Platform to automatically collect activity data in real-time from its suppliers. This includes data on waste disposal and consumption of electricity, fuel, heating and water. Húsasmiðjan makes use of the platform’s analytical tools to evaluate the sustainability performance of its stores and spot opportunities to improve and reduce wasteful practices.

Húsasmiðjan plans to extend their carbon accounting for 2021 to include more scope 3 items, such as the transport of imported goods. Involving its employees is key to their success. Húsasmiðjan has given its store managers a limited access to the platform where they can see how their store is performing compared to the other stores. With this Húsasmiðjan hopes to create an atmosphere where employees strive to achieve even greater results in resource management.


Between 2019 and 2021, Húsasmiðjan achieved a reduction in:

  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Húsasmiðjan's total emissions were 880 tCO2e in 2021. Scope 1 and 2 emissions amounted to 513 tCO2e. Húsasmiðjan's total emissions have decreased by 16% since 2019. Compared with revenue, GHG emissions are down 40% since 2019.
  • The emissions from waste have decreased by 18% since the base year 2019.
  • Carbon offset: Húsasmiðjan has offset their scope 1 and scope 2 emissions with compensatory measures of afforestation and wetland restoration through The Icelandic Carbon Fund and The Icelandic Wetland Fund. Húsasmiðjan 's total carbon offset measures amounted to 513 tCO2e.


“The social and environmental policy is one of Húsasmiðjan's core policies. We take good care of our people, the environment and the future, which all go hand in hand with operating profits. We are constantly looking for ways to save energy, reduce waste and work in the greatest possible harmony with the company's environment. Húsasmiðjan has for several years been in collaboration with Klappir regarding measurements of the energy consumption of the operation and waste disposal at establishments. The Sustainability Platform collects real-time data directly from our service providers and also calculates the carbon footprint of the operation. And on a happy note, Húsasmiðjan has improved in most of these aspects since measurements began.”

Jón Þórir Þorvaldsson, Project manager, ESG Responsibility at Húsasmidjan ehf.

Sustainability statements

Sustainability statement 2021 (EN)


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By Klappir10 March 2022

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