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23 May 2022 Success story

Kopavogur, data driven approach to sustainability

The municipality of Kópavogur places great emphasis on environmental issues and sustainable development is taken into account in decision-making, construction, operation, procurement and other activities on behalf of the town.

By Klappir

The municipality of Kópavogur is the second largest municipality in Iceland with a population of 35,000. Kópavogur has a wide variety of services, a thriving cultural scene and two excellent swimming pools. The municipality takes pride in providing its inhabitants with exceptional services whether that be schools, pre-schools, social services or in other areas such as matters concerning the environment or town planning.

Great emphasis is placed on environmental issues in Kópavogur and sustainable development is taken into account in decision-making, construction, operation, procurement and other activities on behalf of the town. The diverse needs of the municipality's infrastructure are taken into account, and emphasis is placed on offering the municipality's residents environmentally friendly transport. Environmentally friendly waste management is also being worked on in preparation for the harmonization of waste sorting in the greater capital area.

Policy emphases from the new environmental policy are:

  • The environment and good service are a priority
  • Environmentally friendly infrastructure
  • Emphasis on environmental issues and traffic safety
  • Real estate with an emphasis on energy consumption and living space
  • Environmentally friendly organization
  • Electronic communication in all matters related to services and applications

For several years, the town of Kópavogur has collected extensive data from its information systems about the municipality's activities. Kópavogur issued a Sustainable report (IS) for the year 2021 and is one of the first municipalities to do so. The statement is comprehensive and the environmental data used is gathered from the Sustainability Platform. Measurements in the report are from the years 2018-2021. The sustainability report issued by Kópavogur is intended to provide insight into the many projects that have been carried out on behalf of the municipality in recent years.

The information that appears in the report comes e.g. from the municipality's information systems, e.g. Nightingale, which manages the Kópavogur Global Goal Index, Klappir Sustainability Platform, the standard of living and service standard ISO37120 and the City Standard ISO37122. The Klappir Sustainability Platform is used to keep track of the municipality's measurements, dashboards and indices. By combining all of the information in the Platform from various sources Kópavogur has been able to get a greater understanding of their ESG factors and now have a comprehensive overview of their sustainability issues and goals.

Results Kópavogur uses the Sustainability Platform as an IT system, to gather all datastreams and information in one place. With over 300 assets in the Platform it is a great tool for the town to have a great overview of energy consumption and environmental factors affecting the town on a day to day basis.


“Kópavogur has been a champion of Klappir since 2015. We are in close contact with Klappir sustainability specialists and service to assist each other to make an exemplary IT system with continuous improvement. I envision that the Klappir Sustainability Platform will be a cornerstone in our environmental approach in the foreseeable future.”

Encho Plamenov Stoyanov, Project manager, The Environment and Planning DEPT, Kópavogur

Sustainability Reportt

Sustainability Report 2021 (IS)

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By Klappir23 May 2022

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